Meiller Kipper Pack MW Edition v1.1 FS19

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Meiller Kipper Pack MW Edition v1.1 FS19

It is the Meiller Kipper Pack. The tippers can also be reconfigured into the brands Krone, Bruns and Oelkers as well as into a streamer version. The pack includes a tandem version and a turntable version.

Platform variant added in 2 versions.
1) without Easy Autoload
2) with Easy Autoload

Loadable goods:
– Standard bales
– pallets
– IBC container
– Bales from the straw recovery addon
– HD bales
– egg cartons
– Mission pallets
– Pallets from the Realistic Seeder Mod

The tandem version can now be set at an angle, e.g. to be able to drive backwards behind a forage harvester (controllable via SIC)
fixed minor bugs
Have fun with it

The pack can be found in the MW shop category
In addition to the standard capacity of 21,000 liters, a capacity of 26,000 liters with a wooden structure is available. There is also the option of configuring an additional wooden structure with a capacity of 26,000 liters for beets and potatoes.
Both tippers can also be reconfigured as transfer vehicles.
With the AddConfig script, which is included, 6 color choices are available.
So that the tippers also look sensible for every brand.
With the tandem version there is the possibility to configure the trailer coupling. You can choose between an eyelet coupling and a ball head coupling
There are also various tire configurations to choose from. Dynamic pants have been installed. A license plate including license plate lighting.
Both tippers also have compressed air and brake hoses.
A movable dirt trap can also be configured.
The ladder and the transfer auger can be moved via SIC from Modellicher, which is also required.
But there is also the possibility to configure the tippers with various streamer logos.
A big thank you to Hoffi and Oldenfarm for all your support and help.
A big thank you goes to the team for their support and to all testers.
A big thank you also goes to all streamers. For that I can use the logos.
The mod (Meiller Kipper Pack MW Edition) may only be distributed with the original DL link!

The Mod Easy Auto Load is now required and must be saved as “” in the mod folder !!!
The mod GitHub – modelleicher / FS19_simpleIC: New Interactive Control Script for FS19 is now required in the mods folder !!!

Basic model: [FBM] JensJup Blender Works, decals, hydraulic hoses, mud flaps: Hoffi coupling configuration, textures, hydraulic hoses, dumping animation, wooden structures: Oldenfarm Sound: PeterAH Tarpaulin animation: Remraf screw conveyor: Dtp Mario tires, Kempfdecal script mud flaps: Mr Krupp AddCategory and AddShop Wooden texture of the superstructures: CJ Farming Prefab: BPW Rabnaben, number plate kit: RedCat3D Bug fixes, adjustments: PrivatPrivat, Eicherisgeil approvals (including all streamers used) are available. If I have forgotten someone, please contact me so that I can follow up on you

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