Losshugelland v1.0.1 FS19

Losshugelland v1.0.1 FS19

Welcome to the central Saxon loess hill country north of the city of Meissen!

Version 1.0.1
Hello everyone, I hope that I have fixed all the bugs that have been reported in Discord so far. It may well be that something has been forgotten. All just people.

There is no need to start a new score
There are no more traffic jams at the roundabout
Wrong buildings deleted
Bunker silos at Lindenhof are now full to the brim
Grazing area adapted for the cows
The adjusted trigger at lime works
the Field Job Manager bug should be gone by now. Thanks, Ifko
You can now play the card completely without the Manure System
the bowls of the chickens are now on the floor
further small adjustments

On the subject of the bunker silo at the Lindenhof. There is no need to start a new game. What you have to do is create a saved game and copy the tipColMap.grle file from your newly created saved game into the old saved game. Then the silo is full to the brim.

Hello everyone, after many hours of construction and nights without sleep, the time has come. The Loess Hills map is ready. You can expect about 970 hectares of arable land and about 120 hectares of meadows. There are 6 different farms that you can manage. In-game you can paint bushes, grass, weeds, cobblestones, …
Manure system,
MaizePlus ccmExtension,
MaizePlus forageExtension,
and Precision Farming Ready.
(see Specializations)
For players who play precision farming, compost is not recognized as fertilizer. The players without precision farming can use the compost as normal fertilizer.
Despite more than 800 hours of testing on the card, there may still be small errors. We mappers, modders, and testers are just human.

The following mods are required, otherwise, there will be log errors:
Placeable Sawmill Pack from Kastor
Forum overview – Kastor’s handicraft corner »FS19 Placeable Sawmill Pack v1.1.0.1
Please take a look at the PDF file in the download folder, most things are explained there.
So now I wish you a lot of fun farming.

Just say thank you: To all modders, mappers and scripters whose things I have built in: Kastor, Ifko [Nator] 112Tec, modelleicher, The-Alien-Paul, Farming Agency, Blacky_BPG, Farmer_Schubi, kevink98, Wopster, LS-Modcompany / GtX, [TWD] Rick Black Labele, Farmer_Andy big thanks also to BernieSCS for releasing his Hofpacks and other buildings. To everyone who helped me with the construction: Gallier67 , HeniJimdrix, Mickxxl With all, testers of the map: Nyze_LP, Ronny-SGD, KannNixTV, And all other testers of the map. And with my 2 main testers the over 800 hours on the Card are: Jackducster and Froggi66 Thank you all.

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    Sorry, finde die PDF Datei nicht. Habe dort nur eine FS19_Loesshuegelland.txt und diese ist leer.

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