Lexion 8900 Mod v1.0.0.5 FS19

Lexion 8900 Mod v1.0.0.5 FS19

Hello dear FS 19 players! I present to you the mod of the Lexion 8900 combine from DLC Claas, the mod is not taken from the pack on the site, this is personally my envelope from the dlc archive.
What I did: an envelope and tuning the mod, as well as sounds and the rest, added a change of wheels.

In the pack:
– the harvester itself,
– 6 reapers
– 3 trolleys under them

Modify this mod only with my consent!

Version for Farming Simulator 2019 (v1.5.1.0):
– Added a second monitor with different HUD;
– Added a choice of painting the combine and discs, 2 reapers;
– Added design selection and room selection;
– Added engine selection and grain tank capacity;
– Added 3 reapers for grain, 1 for corn and sunflower;
– Your beacons.


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2 Responses

  1. cccc says:

    can you pleaseeeeeeee pleaseee pleaseee put the original tracks on and also you need to fix the slip with the front tires or tracks. If you can make the original tracks and put them on it that would be a blessing. Please 🙂

  2. cccc says:

    Ok. So i have some critiques, and I think that they’re justified. First of all, thank you for a beautiful mod, great job on this. I have a few complaints, nothing too big, but I do request some things from you. My first complaint is that the claas 8900 grain tank only holds 18,000 liters, not 21,000, so if you can edit that correction, that would be amazing. Also, the tracks you edited on, I really don’t think they fit the combine and do this beautiful beast justice. The tracks are designed for a case ih 8250 or something of that kind of combine, not the claas 8900. I’m practically begging that you pleaseee put an option for the original tracks in, because i can’t stand the tracks you put on it and I can’t stand the wheels either. if you would do this, I think more people would support you and you can maybe become a full time modder for fs19 or 21. Thanks and take care 🙂

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