Lets Compare Farming Simulator 19 vs FS17

Lets Compare Farming Simulator 19 vs FS17

Hi, as you all know Farming Simulator 19 will be released this year with amazing graphic. I have created a few images to compare Farming Simulator 19 with Farming Simulator 17. As you can see Farming Simulator 19 has more details, more sharpy and muck more realistic game.

First of all, lets compare Farming Simulator 17 screenshot with real gameplay image to understand how it was different from screenshot before the game was released.

So now we can compare Farming Simulator 19 In-game image which was published before FS19 release with FS17 gameplay image. As you can see it has big differences if you compare graphic. What is more, Farming Simulator 19 will be more realistic and it has really good sharp mode. FS19 Fendt combine (on the left) looks gorgeous with a lot of details.

Ok, it’s time to compare Farming Simulator 19 environment with FS17. As you already know  Sun and cloud will move in Farming Simulator 19 on PC, PS4 / XB1. So it will make a game much more realist as a real life. I hope we will have morning, day and night timeframe.

System Requirements will be higher than Farming Simulator 17 for sure, but I think you will be available to play on minimum. However, if your system run FS17 on minimum only, Farming Simulator 19 will most likely not run at all.

Farm like never before with Farming Simulator 19, coming to consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at the end of 2018. I believe it will be Fall!

If you missed Farming Simulator 19 trailer, sit, relax and enjoy:

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  1. Michael says:

    I think they did great on FS19 as far as graphics go but haven’t fully tested the product before releasing the game . The silos extra storage tanks don’t work . The placements of items on the map aren’t user friendly not to mention the update that came it to attempt to fix it. Overall i think they could have done better in alot of areas but i think i stay with FS17

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