Krone BIG X 580 Pack v1.0.3.0hotfix FS19

Krone BIG X 580 Pack v1.0.3.0hotfix FS19

This is a pack for the Krone BIG X 580

This is a pack around a forage harvester the Krone BIG X 580 from Giants that I edited a bit in my sense as I thought it would.

The contents of the pack:

– Krone BIG X 580

– Kemper plus 345

– Krone EasyCollect 600

– Kemper plus 375

– Krone EasyFlow 300 S is standard

– Krone EasyFlow 300 S only Straw

– Krone XDisc 620 is standard

– Krone XDisc 620 only grain

– Krone XDisc 620 only Grass

– Krone header trailer for Krone XDisc 620 from the pack with tension belt support

– Kemper Comfort Support Wheel for Kemper plus 375

What was done like that? First everything was put into a pack and everything was added to a MW category. There is now a MW category for the vehicles and trailers / devices where the vehicles / devices can be found.

Different color choices have been added to the Big X, as well as various configuration options, a tape drive can now also be selected, and it can be selected whether or not you want to use a tire pressure control system (RDA) and then CTRL + P are pressed to adjust the pressure the pressure is displayed at the bottom of the help window (F1). Furthermore, the BIG X has hose connections for hydraulics, electricity and air for coupled trailers as well as an animated (when coupling) coupling for ball head attachments. There are also hydraulic connections for the attachments on the BIG X as well as on the attachments. A different horn sound is also built in, and the chopper now turns on the flashing light when reversing as well as the rear work lights: D.

Hoses for hydraulics have been added to the attachments and color choices have been added so that everything can be color coordinated.

The chopper and the header trailer have also been given selectable license plates.

With this chopper it is possible to chop straw and recharge it. If you want to do this, you have to buy the pick-up included in the pack that is suitable for straw and reconfigure the chopper to output straw. If you want to do this, you need a map prepared for it, a map would be this one Hinterkaifeck by Team MW or here the TUT how to do it yourself.

The cutting unit carriage for the Krone XDisc 620 is equipped with a tension belt support, as are the 3 Krone XDisc cutting units.


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