John Deere in Farming Simulator 19? Ideas – Chapter #6

John Deere in Farming Simulator 19? Ideas – Chapter #6

I think the most wanted upgrade is John Deere brand with tractors, combines and etc in Farming Simulator 19!

What is more

I personally would like to see in FS19 a better physical engine and of course fix the bugs.

FS17 in my opinion is a great product but for a real simulation it does serve a lot more, for example the dynamic soil – irrigation? Should be functions already implemented by default in the game and not inserted by a modder.

– the third person view of our farmer. I’d like to see him climb up and get out of the way.
– the ability to work the land by hand, that is, with the classic hoe, for example to plant and harvest fruit in the greenhouses, or in our small home door.
– Possibility to leave with few buildings and structures on the farm, and add and grow it as resources allow it, rather than starting with everything already in existence. Increasingly, and management features.
First, the seasons and climate should be introduced in the FS, planting maturity should follow the seasons and depend on the climate of the year (there must be warmer years and colder years).
It would also be interesting to introduce extraordinary events that undermine crops (hailing floods, etc.).

Even the daily cost of the means is a forcing that I appreciate little, I would imagine a maintenance system with the mechanic of the country. I’d like the media, though perfectly kept, had sudden breaks that would force the mechanic or the call of the carriage gear, obviously with its cost.

As I do not like the sowing area static, the crop should be subordinated to the amount of weeds, insects, water (hence the need to introduce irrigation);

Insert these basic things, I imagine a much more operational FS, made by a series of parameterizations that concatenate each other, but probably for the purists of the simulation would be unattractive.

I would like every medium to be supplied with three aging parameters, maintenance status, and basic efficiency. These three parameters have to intervene on the quantity and quality of the crop.

The quality of the harvest also depends on the climate of the year and the quality of diserbs, pesticides, fertilizers used. It follows that there must be more types of pesticides and fertilizers with clear price differences.

I would maybe like to see even numbered iterations of FS become the console version of FS which can also operate on PC/Mac (in essence what FS15/17 is now), and odd numbered iterations of FS be PC/Mac only, even if it meant it was kicked to a 4 year cycle or a 3 year cycle with a slightly different name (with less emphasis year), so the console element was not holding back things like it has with FS17 you can arguably say.

I.e. Giants revenue stream would still be intact from the primarily console aimed version which can also be ported to PC/Mac as in essence the lower fidelity more arcade aimed experience that FS17 is now but called e.g. FS20, FS22, FS24 etc, while the higher fidelity more simulation aimed experience would be PC/Mac only with higher minimum requirements for hardware, that also serves as the technical test-bed for the Giants FS franchise of things that will filter down into the console aimed vanilla version as consoles improve i.e. with PS5 or Xbox or whatever’s release.

This is given the PS5 and the true replacement for the Xbox are still some way off, witch doesn’t bode well for PC/Mac users if FS19 when It releases in Q4 2018 is still held back by PS4/Xbox port requirements and mod compatibility etc.

In FS19 it should be possible for each player to build the farm according to his needs; Build in the true sense of the word, maybe have a variety of offers from various construction companies and choose the best; When you have chosen the one that is casual our workers begin to carry you the building you are required; I would like to see the workman who goes hand in hand with this enthusiast, the workers go ahead with the job.

More equipment Vicon, AGCO, Lely, Kuhn and new Fella brand.
Furthermore, in the hawking industry it is possible to bring their animals to the pasture

New brands:
John Deere
Male Gaspardo

Farming Simulator 19

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8 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    I dont know why john deer dosn’t want to be in the game because people who haven’t heard of john deer my like the tractor and buy one in real life they need to think and if they still say no just put it in the game as lizard…

  2. Jake says:

    I think first priority is to fix the game engine. More than 100 pieces of equipment and game starting to slow down like hell. 1080ti and 8 core i7 and my game runs usually around 60fps on 4k resolution, after i get lot of equipment to my farm, i need to accept 20-30fps only. On low graphic settings you only get 10 fps extra.

  3. leicester fc says:

    i would much like to be in the game will be so cool

  4. Skylar says:

    I hope theres John deer in it I really hope so

  5. Lane Wilson says:

    Need to add peanuts and cottonto game.

  6. Brian miller says:

    I hope they put John Deere and Ford tractors in it

  7. keelan says:

    sounds awsome. there is john deere

  8. dweeb says:

    needs a header tractor bad

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