Ireland (Eire Ireland) v1.0 FS19

Ireland (Eire Ireland) v1.0 FS19

This map is a gadering of alot of the best maps from previus versions of the game with some cosmetic and crop exstras (IT IS NOT AN ORIGANAL WORK). This map comes with some ruff edges that come with the not origanal creators converting then to the lastes version of the game.


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25 Responses

  1. Jono says:

    This map won’t save for me

  2. Michael KNIGHT says:

    hi I like the map but I cannot get it to save

  3. stephane argoulon says:

    pas possible de sauvegarder

  4. challenger says:

    At first glance your map looks pretty cool.
    However with that said I have to inform you of some issues with it.
    There are floating items at main farm: in the workshop Their is a grinder floating in air.
    There are a number of items laying on there sides chair,tree,vacuum all as if just thrown into the room.
    A missing building/animal pen at the rear of farm.Where as the lights from that are all floating in air.
    there is another missing building just around the corner of rear of farm. Floating lights and a door.
    I was still checking out this map more when I had to pause the game 4 A minute and it went into save mode and got stuck there. I waited for like 5 minutes but it stayed stuck.
    I finally had to end task to exit.
    Again your map is cool looking And there is a lot that I do like about it. I just don’t think it is ready just yet. I will try to take another look at it to see if I can spot any thing else.
    So I hope that this will help in getting it playable. Look forward to seeing an update on this map.

  5. ModManiac says:

    great map but how is anyone suppose to play it with no sell points?

  6. Danny says:

    Some missing objects on map how can I fix it like the cow shed in main farm not there in game

  7. bruce gardner says:

    hi love the map but im having some trouble saving the game on this map

    it lets me play it fin and map runs fin but when i go so save it
    it will not let me all it dose is frees my game on the save bit.

    have you got any way i can fix this .im running the latest patch with no other mods installed

  8. Ozz says:

    Crashes on save and buildings missing

  9. arend jan says:

    hi i just downloaded the new eire ireland map .
    ther is one problem it wont save the game.
    how can i fix this or is this a bug in the mod ?

  10. KBJ says:

    I get stuck on saving screen when i save, i have tried multiple times and my friends have tried too.
    Pls fix i want to play on this awsome looking map

  11. andyk1978 says:

    Saving wont work

  12. Bobo says:

    Saving is broken? Every time I try to save manually, it just keeps saving – nothing happens.

  13. Zygi39 says:

    any help

  14. Ricus Coetzee says:

    I got a bug for when I save the game on this map with no mods it gets stuck on saving screen please fix it its a amazing map

  15. Stefan says:

    why’s it all dark?

  16. brandon says:

    does not work for multiplayer, tried to save and it will display saving dialog forever. took all mods off and tried again and it still does it. really fun looking map tho…..

  17. Mr.Anta says:

    Unable to save game on this map.

  18. Nicholas Foley says:

    How do you open the shed doors?

  19. rich says:

    been waiting for this for so long and now its finally out it won’t show up in game, what am i doing wrong??

  20. Keanu Coppens says:

    don’t download this map you will be waiting longer to save the game then play on it the map is to big.

  21. Ponster says:

    Still very buggy. Couple of places that when you TAB into them you are blocked from moving. Also no silos where you can store grain.

  22. Richard says:

    Where is the sleep trigger on this map? I been all round the house and not seen the sleep option pop up

  23. Stephen mcginley says:

    Need all mods to be multi platform as would like to play loads of these mods on ps4

  24. Orri says:

    On multiplayer I can’t buy animals at any stable is there away around it. The zone markers are gone

  25. francis odonoghue says:

    Eire Ireland V3

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