Iconik Cotton Addon Pack v1.0 FS19

Iconik Cotton Addon Pack v1.0 FS19

Everything needed to effectively use the Cotton Feature on the Iconik Ideal Harvester aswell as Future Iconik Harvesters

3 Headers
2 Tippers
1 Storage

see image for details…



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10 Responses

  1. Kenton Nightingale says:

    love this mod. playing on the Honey dew map, there is no tip trigger for the semi trailer tipper at the spinnery. i am just wondering if i am missing something

  2. Daniel Beer says:

    hat das noch jemand das der Drescher die Baumwolle erntet aber leer bleibt ?

    • Gerry Achrainer says:

      @Daniel Beer, ja bei mir bleibt der Drescher auch leer und die Baumwolle verschwindet einfach. Schade wär ansich ein netter Mod.

  3. Country dude says:

    How do you get fs19 on pc.

  4. Ken Stauder says:

    I have this downloaded and it shows up in my list of downloaded mods (in Game), I go to a game and it does not show up and products are not found in game?
    I will attempt to reload the mod, I am playing in single player so I’m confused why having this issue?
    What group in game will the headers show up in? Is it in Headers, equipment cotton tech or under the cotton harvester? I also do not see the cotton storage point that should be in the Silo section?

  5. Ken Stauder says:

    Well I deleted the folder and created a new one then downloaded this mod into it, this mod does not show up when I am opening a game like your Iconik Bucket pack does or my over 50 other mods that all do, please help I do want to try this mod pack.
    I’m playing on PC FS19, tried opening the pack in Fellsburn, Astancio Lapacia & Brook, all the same, don’t see it!?

  6. Ken Stauder says:

    OK I figured out the issue I was having. I had installed this Cotton Mod pack thinking it would change the Case cotton combine, (NOT SO).
    You need the Iconik Ideal pack of combines, (cheaper & Bigger, yum).
    But if ya think ok lets go get that, it still wont work, hmmm.
    But if you remove the cotton pack, install the Ideal Pack then install the cotton pack you also can get this working, So YES it is cool. And I want to re-rate this mod!

  7. Kenneth Stauder says:

    This needs to be fixed!
    After getting it installed after the Iconik Ideal combine pack and it showing up and it now runs in games, it will remove all the cotton from your field and it will just go away, just as others are saying about the Ideal pack the product does not show up in the bin.
    Please fix this as these options you have created for the Ideal lineup would be well um IDEAL!

    • Kenneth Stauder says:

      This Mod works fine it just has some settings kinda in weird spots. When purchasing the Ideal Combine before you get your cotton header, look down the list to increase the size capacity of the combine, in that selection you get normal, 50k, 100k, 150k, & Cotton or something like that. So if you plan on getting a Kwazi Cotton header working on a combine that combine will have to be purchased for cotton only, and it works the product will go in to the bin :o).
      But the spinnery will not buy it, luckley I have the universal sell point that does take it but just sayin not everyone does.

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