HoT online Farm 2020 v1.1 FS19

HoT online Farm 2020 v1.1 FS19

Version 1.1.0
various bug fixes

The map has been tested and runs flawlessly.
We would like to ask you to respect this and refrain from any change, we do not offer any support for a changed HoT 2020. If this is not respected, future maps will remain private. Many Thanks

Feature Overview
· Transport chickens, chickens can be bought at the chicken farm using the transport system and brought to your stalls. They can also be brought to the butcher or back to the chicken farm (sale)
· Meat was divided into the respective type of animal, but there is no horse meat, so no lasagna either
· Mud, yes we have it, and not just normal mud, you can paint it on like bushes. If it’s dry for a long time, the mud dries off.
With Seasons there are a few more subtleties, it is not active when there is snow, it is available when it rains and it dries off here too.

New productions:
Seeds, fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and pesticides can be produced at the port
There are two fruit farms (apples, pears, plums and cherries)
The greenhouses are inside (cauliflower, white cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries)
The composter had to give way to the new juice and jam factory. Here the o.g. Fruits accepted.
The Grascobs factory was closed and demolished for lack of sales. Tin cans Inc. is now located here. It processes salad and vegetables.
· Pallet / truck transfer system, truck / train transfer system, train / truck
Pallets can be vacuumed using a swap body (cooling / non-food).
The contents of swap bodies (except bulk goods) can be loaded into the train when standing next to the corresponding train wagon, or from the train into the truck.
For bulk goods there is a transfer building in the Modpack that can be freely placed.

Hirschfeld Logistics is home to the GM (Global Market)
· Companies have got hose connections if necessary, we prefer the fertilizer hose for everything except manure.
· The bad speed cameras now have an event circuit, which means you never know where, when and how long they are active, all speed cameras also in the towns.
· The events, around the map there may be events such as road closure, illegal work control, tree felling, etc … let yourself be surprised.
· Various small changes to productions and their terrain, trees that were too close to the road were moved. The waterway has been revised and much more …

Required mods
Modpack HoF 2020
More bunker silo
Global Company
Manure System (latest version)

– Seasons
– Straw recovery
– Lettering textur
– Seasons Animal Fix

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the forums or in the Discord, a log should be attached.

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