Hopfach Beta v1.1.0 FS19

Hopfach Beta v1.1.0 FS19

Hello Community,
I had started a survey and there came the result that you would like to have more versions, even if there are tester versions.
Therefore, the first tester version is now available for you.

It was completely rebuilt
implemented all buildings
5 more Bga’s installed
Stables installed (Giantstrigger base)
Hofsilos installed (Giantstrigger basis)
Field angle installed
new fruits: carrots, onions, red cabbage, cabbage, hops, strawberries, tobacco, sorghum, rye, lavender, lettuce, millet, poppy seeds, alfalfa

What has changed to the old version?
It was completely rebuilt
implemented all buildings
5 more Bga’s installed
Stables installed (Giantstrigger base)
Hofsilos installed (Giantstrigger basis)
Field angle installed
new fruits: carrots, onions, red cabbage, cabbage, hops, strawberries, tobacco, sorghum, rye, lavender, lettuce, millet, poppy seeds, alfalfa
Where am I currently?
Dimension fields
Add new fruits to sales outlets and farm silos
What is there to test?
Stables – fold all triggers (loading and unloading), all tarpaulins are correct
Hofsilos – (loading and unloading)
New fruits – can they all be harvested correctly? Do you throw flaws in the log?
What is known about errors?
New fruits are not yet installed in the yard silos, and not yet in the outlets
How can you report bugs?
Discord in Channel # bugs-report
What information do I need with the error messages?
Please always send me your log
A screenshot with a small minimap, so I can recreate the location
A detailed description of the error
If possible all together in a zip file
Can I help with the development?
Yes, of course, anyone who has done anything with the GE schomal can actually size boxes. They may be sent to me.
Anyone who participates in the tests and reports errors helps here immensely. GE work is not necessary if you do not master it or if you can not manage it

This is a tester version and is not really recommended for full gambling.
With each additional version, more and more fields will follow, the fields not numbered from the old version are currently not available except those that have already been re-dimensioned. Since I’m currently in the process of creating.

From now on you are always up to date with the map. I will make changes available as soon as possible.

If you want to make the versions available on other sites, please always use the original link. In other form this is not allowed.

I wish you a happy test.

Info: Stables and farm silos are assigned via the savegame. Must be assigned the correct ID from the farm!
!!!! For those who do not want to test, please continue to use version 1.0.4 !!!!

It’s not finished yet (that’s why beta). But since I have been asked if I can publish you and nothing is contrary, there is the Hopfach course here in the home on LS Modcompany.

Log is error free, but if errors occur please let me know and I’ll see that I fix you as soon as possible.
ForgottenPlants integrated.
244 purchasable parcels
There are no scripts on the map.
Added / Modified a few outlets.

Since the Hopfach is not exactly small, at least 8GB Ram are to be recommended.
Minimum patch is 1.2

Field sizes:
Display spoilers


Traffic blocked
Map Sounds installed
Wassertrigger installed
soil adjustments
Outlets customization
Double fences away
Floating light switches repositioned
Spawn point of the Raiffeisen in Otterbach adjusted (not anymore under the trigger)

Performance Adjustment – Because it crashes in some came due to the high density of grass. For those who did not have any problems, there’s the high-density xml in the foliage folder. Then overwrite the file with the one in foliage.

Implemented BGAs
AnimatedObjects implemented
Maprand installed

Pond in undersheaf fixed
Adapted PDA map
The car was only made accessible to the “New Farmer”
Floating light switch fixed in the potato washer
Fixed a flying lamp on the Kuhhof in Otterbach
Field edge grass added
Buyable parcels increased to 244
Fixed streets Reflectors

For help, advice, suggestions and improvements, I’m happy to have, because I’m still pretty new in terms of mapping.
But please do that factually and politely. For errors please always add a complete log file.

A big thank you to @Lunchbox for releasing her permission to convert. I hope that I will live up to that.


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16 Responses

  1. marcel says:

    direkt runtergeladen

  2. marcel says:

    you cannot save the map

  3. marcel says:

    coruppt savegame error

  4. zygi39 says:

    hello super map but there is a problem with animals can not be bought

  5. Fred says:

    It is a nice and BIG map. well Done
    Map is not working.Digital siloboard are all on 555555, Silo’s can not opening, no selling points etc. etc. Save the map is not possible either
    Please check before you upload a map that it works for minimal 95%

  6. Zygi39 says:

    Witam. Super mapa ale nie stety jest problem z zwierzentami. Nie mozna ich nigdzie wyladowac.

  7. Mick GUILLEMIN says:

    Super, continu, merci.

  8. JRCHALECOS says:

    BUEN MAPA, pero falta donde poder vender los productos, y creo que con exceso de campos

  9. zygi39 says:

    hej mam problem z zwierzentami nie moza

  10. Aleks says:

    Друже, привіт! Ти створив найкращу мапу за все існування FS. Твоя мапа найкраща. Твоя титанічна праця повинна мати високу оцінку. Я ціную і ставлю найвищий бал. Але, маленьке але … Ти трішечки раніше побіг вперед “поїзда”. Розробники не враховували твоїх творчих амбіцій. Тому сам код гри не може правильно обробити твій творчий підхід , і виникло багато помилок. Хоча зараз, я все рівно з задоволенням, просто катаюсь по мапі і ціную твою працю. Єдине прохання, віртуальні зміни “placeables” – змінити на статичні. Гра повинна бути реалістична. Це хочуть творці.
    Ти повинен бути в команді розробників FS. У тебе є потенціал.
    Ще раз дякую за твою працю.

  11. Thomas Letic says:

    super schöne map . aber speichert leider nicht

  12. stan says:

    how can i buy sheeps

  13. Zygi39 says:

    Hi why you can not buy animals. does anyone know how to fix it. Please help. Because this is a really great map.

  14. Zygi39 says:

    Hi does not matter. I have already fixed the mistakes

  15. xgndrstein says:

    when will there be another update for the silo and the stables and points of sale

  16. Vonknauss says:

    I absolutely love this map for large MP games. I really hope it’s still being developed and that we’ll see fast progress as soon as the industry scripts are good enough.

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