Hopfach Beta map v5.0 FS19

Hopfach Beta map v5.0 FS19

A converted hop compartment in the LS19. (Beta version)

V1.0.4 (v5)
Traffic blocked
Map sounds installed
Wassertrigger installed
soil adjustments
Outlets customization
Double fences removed
Floating light switches repositioned
Spawn point of the Raiffeisen in Otterbach adjusted (not anymore under the trigger)

It is not finished yet (that’s why beta). But since I’ve been asked if I can publish you and nothing is contrary to the Hopbox course here in the home on LS-Modcompany.

Log is error free, but should errors occur please let me know and I’ll see that I fix you as soon as possible.
ForgottenPlants integrated.
244 purchasable parcels
There are no scripts on the map.
Added / Modified a few outlets.

Since the Hopfach is not exactly small, at least 8GB Ram are recommended.
Minimum patch is 1.2

Performance Adjustment – As some crashed due to the high density of the grass. For those who did not have any problems, there’s a high-density xml in the foliage folder. Then overwrite the file with the one in foliage.

BGAs implemented
Implemented AnimatedObjects
Maprand installed

Pond in undersheaf fixed
Adapted PDA map
The car was only made accessible to the “New Farmer”
Floating light switch fixed in the potato washer
Fixed a flying lamp on the Kuhhof in Otterbach
Field edge grass added
Buyable parcels increased to 244
Fixed streets Reflectors
For help, advice, suggestions and improvements, I am happy to have, since I’m still very new in terms of the folders.
But please do that factually and politely. For errors please always add a complete log file.
A big thank you to @Lunchbox for releasing her permission to convert. I hope that I will do it justice.
I wish a lot of fun on the Hopfach.

LunchboxKevinK98GTXFarmerAndyBlacksheepBlacky_BPGMarhuigor29381XentroIfko[nator]Slowtide63KastorKobold KobyBaTt3RiESusiEribus (ForgottenPlants)

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25 Responses

  1. yolo scar says:

    Hello, when the factories will be running please because I’m really excited to play in this beautiful map

  2. shadow says:

    thanks for this beautiful map. the log is error free 🙂
    I have 1 question: I know this is a beta version, is it correct that there is no sale points and no silos ?

  3. Gid Gid says:

    Good day! There are no points of sale on the map.

  4. douka says:

    no selling points yet???

  5. driverx says:

    sawmill does not work. tree trunks are thrown into the holzhacker but are not known. they are also not known at the other buildings.
    point of sale also does not sell them

    carrots where do you get that from?

  6. douka says:

    everytime i come close to the road between field 71-70, the game crashes!!!

  7. nikodemo says:

    how to open gates?

  8. john deere says:

    la maps on fait comment pour la mettre a jour

  9. Niclas says:

    Nice map. However, how’s your FPS? I have two GTX1070 and a Intel Core i7 4.0GHz and getting some lag spikes. Feels like it should not happened.

  10. Ronnie says:

    rename the map zip file to FS19_Hopfatch
    All locations now work and appear.

  11. Ronnie says:

    Any chance you can release the greenhouses as placeables?
    Have tried myself however can’t get the textures/doors to work, i suck…

  12. Michel says:

    salut à chaque fois que je veux aller mettre une benne dans l engar à coté du champs 49 on jeux se bloque .

  13. Vassili says:

    C’est pour quand la version final ?

  14. jeanben says:

    le champ 47 et 131 les misson de récolte on un bug…

  15. Michel says:

    bonjour j arrive pas a vendre mon blé au moulin.

  16. Lucas says:

    Je ne vois pas les points de vente sur la carte et je ne peu pas vendre

  17. ironmine says:

    hello when we will have the function of putting the animals in the hangars already installed.

  18. Zygmunt Szufrajda says:

    when there will be some update to the map

  19. grand says:

    when will there be an update for the animals and the other things

  20. Tóth Zoltán says:

    Hello! When will the final version be available?

  21. Marco Lazinger says:

    Wan ist die Beste Map den einsatz Bereit ?

  22. Carperfarmer says:

    The straw has grass texture in my game. This bug is very annoying. how to fix it?

  23. Dennis says:

    How do i sell wood logs, and where?

  24. Dennis says:

    Just rename fs19_hopfach__1.zip to fs19_hopfach.zip
    Problem solved.

  25. Dennis says:

    And yes, this is a heavy map, so expect fps drop, even on a powerful system.

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