Holzer Map v1.5 FS19

Holzer Map v1.5 FS19

Detailed 1: 1 replica of the village of Holz in the Tegernsee valley.

Update to the latest version of MaisPlus including all extensions
– New types of fruit: rye, spelled, triticale, miscanthus, horse grass, pasture grass
– FruitDestruction 2.0 – enhanced more realistic fruit destruction
– Grass, alfalfa and clover have 4 drying levels (at least 3 turns required for hay) – also with seasons.

A huge thank you goes to the Farming Agency and all members involved! Especially to The-Alien-Paul for the time and patience despite the difficulties that the update of this map brought with it. hail
Creation of a competitiveMultiplayer.xml
With this new competitiveMultiplayer.xml, all existing courts are already created in the correct order in multiplayer. Thus, the farm numbers also match the farmIDs of the respective building. Therefore, there should no longer be any difficulties with using animal enclosures, opening gates, etc.
Further adjustments to the Oberreiterhof

Chicken coop:
– more chickens possible,
– Egg spawn point moved to the anteroom of the stable.

– Seasons mask adjusted, it no longer snows in.
– window glass
– Removed incorrect light entry in the XML
– little things

– Ball trigger optimized
– Removed incorrect light entry in the XML
– Removed unnecessary decoration from the house
– little things

Many thanks to GnomAtom for making the changes available to me.
I also enlarged the ball trigger for the pigs’ straw up to the hayloft above the stable. This means that bales of straw can now be stored there, which are then gradually used up automatically.

Welcome to the Holzer Map!
This is a replica that is as accurate as possible, including an elevation model from GoogleEarth of the village of Holz in the beautiful Tegernsee valley in the Miesbach district in Upper Bavaria.
The construction of the map began in December 2016 with a first release for the LS17. In the meantime, the LS19 has appeared and after finishing the conversion work I can now present you the Holzer Map for the LS19.
The village of Holz is bordered in the east by the banks of the Tegernsee and in the west by the foothills of the Holzer Alm. The wood areas in between are divided between a total of 7 farms in the village. In addition, extensive forestry can be carried out in numerous forest areas.
Each farm can be managed independently. In the agricultural trade, there is also the possibility of buying required goods such as seeds, fertilizer, lime, etc.

The following features are included in the map:
Combination of classic LS style with built-in courtyards and a new mode using placeable objects and terraforming.
Increase in the maximum possible number of animal enclosures from 10 to 32.

3. Change in feeding options for the cows:
The map is now fully prepared for Maize Plus including CCM extension and Forage extension. For this, a special thank you goes to The-Alien-Paul, who kindly took over!
With the Forage Extension, the entire feeding system of the animals will be revised and provided with new fruits, which are now also built into the map (clover, alfalfa, field grass, horse grass, pasture grass, spelled, rye, triticale, miscanthus, onions, and carrots).
4. Increased number of angles for the ground textures.
5. Improved in-game lighting using XML settings from BulletBill.
6. Alternative map version with more agriculture.
7. Many more little things, all of which are listed in the manual for the map.

The following external mods are required and must also be in the mod folder:

Since the courtyards were all designed differently, the position of the built-in triggers is of course different in each courtyard. So that you can still orient yourself when starting the game and find everything you need, I have also created a manual for the map. All triggers of the courtyards and sales points are described and listed with pictures. This should make it possible to find the triggers, tipping points, etc. without any problems.
You have to unzip the downloaded ZIP file!

It contains the following content:
– the map (HolzerMapLS19.zip)
– the manual (manual Holzer Map LS19.pdf)
– alternative map version with more agriculture (mapDE.i3d and mapDE.i3d.shapes)
Now I wish you a lot of fun exploring and playing the Holzer Map!


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