Hermanns Eck v1.0 FS19

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Hermanns Eck v1.0 FS19

The original from metalgear1 at the end of LS19
The original – metalgear1’s card finds its way back to the end of the LS19.
Important ! Important ! Important !
Load mods completely – see list

Welcome to Hermanns Eck in LS19,
With this card I also tried to bring the charm of metalgear1’s dream card from the 17 to the 19. Along with McBee is
this card from a crazy idea, created in a very short time and made available to you to the best of our knowledge and belief.
In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to express my big thanks to BernieSCS, for we have his great buildings on the whole

Could integrate card.
You will find well-known things on the map with partly new functions for the LS19:

Main courtyard1:
Cowshed pigs / chickens / workshop / bale storage for hay and straw and much more

Main Courtyard2: (Bernie’s Bichler Hof)
In addition, there is a pasture for cows on the map for grazing in the summer

Pig farm:
I invite you to discover the newly built area for yourself

Horse breeding:
This served mainly as a point of sale in the 17, now you can do this as well
as a sales point as well as a playable horse farm

In addition, there is a sheepfold on the map and an open sheep pasture to manage, with it

even as a shepherd there is plenty to do.

Sales outlets:
Agricultural trade
Gold Ox Brewery
Aldi and dairy

Points of purchase:
You will find sales outlets for lime seed fertilizers etc. at the various dealers, for example
the large agricultural trade where you can, for example, fill in seeds directly, or shovel out of the halls yourself

If you want to start in multiplayer, you can use larger machines here in a spacious area
build up a vehicle fleet.

200KwH BGA built in with spacious silos
Important Important Important !!!

Required mods:
Machine Hall
Small Bunker Silo Set
Free Land Bunker Silo
Lorraine Agricultural Cooperative
Bichler Farm
Ballenlager Addon
Husbandry Limit Increase

Optional mods:
MaizePlus Forage Extension 
MaizPlus CCM: MaizePlus CCM Extension
And now have fun with the card

LS17 Hermanns Eck Mapper: metalgear1 MaizPlus HE CCM: Alien-Paul & Faming Agency Raiffeisen Tankstelle: DerMindener Chris Mapgebäude: BernieSCS Test-Team: McBee, SimuFreunde-Henry, MW_Micha_3615,Aekzl

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