FS22 Transport Trailer 19m And 25m v1.0.0.0

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FS22 Transport Trailer 19m And 25m v1.0.0.0

At times, transporting machines can be a bit complicated, isn’t it? The 19m and 25m Transport Trailers came to make your game easier. If you already knew the Trailer 25m in FS19, now it is even better and with its smaller sister Trailer 19m.
The Trailers Have an improved Physics system, so the objects being transported do not slide during transport, in addition to having Extensions to make the trailer even wider for larger equipment. It is developed for transporting harvesters, with a support for coupling cutter bars, so you don’t need another trailer to transport your harvester.

The trailer has 4 selectable control groups, in each group contains a group of animations, being the Ramp in the first, the adjustment of the support for the cutterbar in the second, the auxiliary shoes in the third, and a visual adjustment for the hitch Cutting Bar (Uses to adjust the cutter bar over the hardware, so that it doesn’t float inside the trailer’s structure).
To use the cutterbar support (Illustration in Screenshot 2), on the truck you must lower the ramp, rotate and move the cutterbar support backwards. After that, get on the trailer with the harvester still engaged with its cutterbar, get on top of the support and disengage it there. Move the combine backwards a little, get in the truck and the function To couple will appear, after coupling you will rotate the support and leave it in the position close to the trailer. After that it will be working.

– In-Store Versions: Transport Trailer 19m and 25m
– Base Price: 22000€ (Transport Trailer 19m), 28000€ (Transport Trailer 25m)
– Contains Tension Belts
– Wheel Configurations: Lizard Wheel, Antique Iron Wheel, Tubeless Wheel, Aluminum Wheel, Randon Spoked Wheel (Original Wheels)
– Color Settings: Base Color, Chassis Color, Cut Bar Support Color, Bumper Color
– Cutter Bar Support: For Correct Functioning, retract and rotate the support, disengage a cutter bar on top of the frame, get in the truck and the docking function will be available, just like attaching to a Harvester
– Height Adjustment Animation of the Cut Bars: In order not to get your cutter bar flying, or inside the structure, there is an animation for the invisible height adjustment and rotation of the cutter bar on top of the Structure
– Length: 19 meters (Transport Trailer 19m), 25 meters (Transport Trailer 25m)
– Configuration of Floors and Extensions: Rail Floor (3.20m), Metal Floor (3.20m), Wooden Planks (3.90m), Extension with Old Boards (4.00m)
– Trailer Ramp: Collapsible through adjustable animation, and when touching the ground, the ramps become Floating and following the ground
– More Configurations: Rear Coupler, Ramp Extension, Chassis, Rear Dimension Plates (South America: Dimensions, North America: Oversize), Triangles, Taillight Models, Round, Auxiliary Shoes, Bumpers, Tires Demounted (Only Aesthetic)

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