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FS22 Ravenport 22 v1.0.0.1

Welcome to Ravenport 22. This is a conversion of the Ravenport, base map from FS19.

– Fixed issue with pallet spawning at Grain Mill.
– Fixed collision on farm storage decoration object.
– Removed several paths from the overview image that do not exist in the current map.
– Added placeable farmhouse with usable garage and color selectable walls.
– You can no longer sell cotton at grain sell points, instead you now sell cotton at bale sell points.
These changes do not require a new save.

Tried to keep the same Ravenport look but with new and improved textures and lighting.
One of the additions is that there are a lot of factories that, after you buy them, can be sold and removed from the map, giving you a useful piece of land that you can use for something else.
Also, the train course has been changed a bit since FS19, to follow FS22 standards, so you can use the train to sell your goods and wood.
This is a standard size map and here you can build your game as you want, arable, productions or forestry or all of those.
The main farm is equipped with pre-placed farm buildings along with Cow Barn, Sheep Barn and Chicken Barn.

On the map you will find:
– 26 fields, from small to big, three of which are grass missions.
– 2 Forestry sites
– Collectibles
– Traffic
– Pedestrians
– Added more paintable terrain texture.

Preplaced Productions available:
– Dairy
– Sawmill
– Carpenter
– Bakery with three new products, Cornbread, Sweet Cornbread and Pumpkin Pie.
– Oil Plant
– Sugar Mill
– Grain Mill which will take your corn as well, and produce corn flour, which can be sold or sent to our local Bakery where you can make Corn Bread.
– Corn Dryer. Here you dry your corn, which you can later sell at a higher price than ordinary corn or deliver to a mill for further processing. You will need Propane gas to dry the corn, which you can buy at the local gas station. For transport Propane, you can use tanks that come with the map and are located in the Misc section.
– BGA that will not produce electricity but will produce Methane that you will be able to collect and sell at the local gas station where Methane sell point is placed.

Placeable Productions available:
– Greenhouses with new fruits: Apple, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple and Pumpkins.
– Juice Factory with products: Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Pineapple Juice.
– If sugar production is not your favorite job, you can buy it at a local store, but at a much higher price
– Herbicide, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and lime tanks are now available as placeable in the Container section.
– Fermenting Silo where you can turn your Grass, Dry Grass and Chaff to Silage along with Methane Gas and Digestate.

Selling points are:
– Livestock Bale Sell Point at Animal Dealer Store.
– Grain Elevator West and Ranch will take your grains and root crops.
– Restaurant, Beach Restaurant and Water Tower Sell Point will take your other goods.
– There is also a train that will ship your goods and wood to Alma.

– Additions:
– Added deep snow weather.
– Custom growth calendar.
– Added a snowy road when it snows and wet asphalt during rain.


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