FS22 Pouance Map v2.0.0.0

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FS22 Pouance Map v2.0.0.0

Rebuilt skin Beyleron Map

Version 2.0.0.
TextureWith this update I make my conversion part 2 available for download.

What has changed:
More productions have been added. My thanks go to switty and Donny Bresko, who gave me the permission to permanently install their products. As a result, some
Added fruits. Have fun discovering!

A little tip, in the middle greenhouse you can only harvest what is exclusively for sale.
The starting fields (4 in number) have now all been processed, so that plowing is no longer necessary. There are also more fields with field missions, but some have remained pure farmland and are therefore cheaper to buy than the others.
Furthermore, some bugs were fixed and the terrain was changed here and there.
In the north, there is a large area for other placeable productions from the shop or mods.
Field 11 is intended for the cultivation of grapes and olives, or in the walled-in area near the jam factory and the apple tree.
In addition, thanks to the Achimobil script, the logistics warehouse was converted so that the goods are now also issued in the form of pallets.
In order to transport the methane and the electricity from the energy plant, the FST990 is available as a conversion in the shop, as well as some slightly modified vehicles.
Unfortunately, the laminated binder halls from Vertex Dezign have to be loaded as a mod, since the modders generally do not give permission for permanent installation here. Here is the link for them
Halls laminated beams and the ones here for the texture.
That’s not all, of course, but you’ll find out.
Already established AD courses are included, a complete course will follow in the next few days.
Have fun with it
PS A savegame must be started because of the many changes.

Today I present you my Map Pouance for download.
It is my 1st map that I publish and it also has some special features.
It is based on the original map Haut Beyleron and has 39 fields. Four of them are in your possession at the new farmer level. Two of these must but first, be plowed. The fields are marked out and are intended to pass the time a little.
Then there are fields that are occupied with missions in order to be able to earn additional money and, in turn, some that come at a lower price can be bought. Here, too, “do it yourself” is the order of the day.
All productions are installed on the map plus additional ones with new products.
All common animals are installed in the large yard, with increased animal capacities. A little further from the farm there is a logistics warehouse where your can deliver pallets of manufactured products. However, the delivery takes place without a pallet. I, therefore, hope that the early morning comes into play soon and then optically rounds off the whole thing again.
Each product can thus be stored in the warehouse provided for this purpose.
You read there is something to discover in Provence Pouancé.

I recommend doing a small round trip in advance so that you don’t plow too quickly and then start all over again.
The map ran error-free with me and fluently in the SP. MP is not tested.
I hope that this is the case for you too, and I wish you a lot of fun discovering and playing.

As a mod I recommend you:
for field creation:
Plow from Tonimods under here
Plow from Team FBM under here

Krone swap body set under Krone swap body
as well as liquid tank under tanker addon

Composite halls with the texture (fits better optically) below here
texture below here
If you want to play without these mods, vehicles or halls with corresponding warnings are missing in the log at the beginning, which are gone after restarting the savegame.
You will also receive the config for AutoDrive, but it is not complete yet, but the most important things are already in there.
Please note that due to the narrowness, the rides are run in with a tractor and a Rudolph TDK 301RP.
Further updates are planned.

Have fun with it!
Uploading to other platforms is only allowed with the original link.

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