FS22 New Horizon 32x Map v1.8.0.0

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FS22 New Horizon 32x Map v1.8.0.0

Welcome to my “New Horizon 32x” map.

Version 1.8
INFO: This 64x card was declared 32x due to ignorance, existing auto-drive courses do not have to be re-run.

Work Wossi:
Fixed bridge collision from small farmland to large farmland
wild boards removed from field 119 / 10
Flying signs removed from large meadow in the northwest
Large farm silo with a capacity of 5000K with train connection installed & small farm silo removed
Train can be rented at the Farmsilo
Serpentine at Oil Mühle built at the request of the user
Pallet storage error fixed
Floating boards over river at space 162 removed
underground concrete blocks under field 32 / 68 / 112 removed
Adjusted collision mask of all roads to 400 df
Stones, boards and gravel can be sold at construction site 1 & 2
Gravel can be produced in my stone washing plant (FS22_Wossis_Stone_WashPlant)
Limeworks built on plateau at field 120
Train carriage capacity increased to 250K
Removed grass deposits for hops and tobacco (cause of the error)
-Fixed heap formation when laying grass swaths
-new fleet with different license plates (user request)

Working Aussie dad:
Starthof Built and required mods linked.
Vehicle folder cleaned
New multi-fruit harvester
Drunk coffee.
Additional cutting units for Ropa Tiger (Unreal (when things have to go quickly) 12m, 25m & 50 m
Additional vehicles installed: fertilizer spreaders, loading wagons, transfer wagons, etc. With unrealistic sufficient capacity and choice of colors to match the map.
The working width of the Strautmann loading wagon increased to 6m (for extreme swaths)
New map vehicles are written into the orders.
Energy Drink.
Quarry Elaborated (have fun shoveling)
Various fields are easily adapted to the natural shape.
Order system revised, now all order vehicles are available again!
Party benches on 173 Removed.
Fixed typo in xml
Moddesc Cleaned up
Objects that blocked the helper on field 196,94,168 Removed!!!
Lime production adjusted.
Drank coffee.
Pallets can now be purchased with liquid lime, compost & road salt as a simple pallet with 1050-100000 liters.
Autodrive courses will be added after release!
Growth and harvest times calendar adapted for summer and winter wheat/barley.
Shop Image / Brand Edited and made clearer with a frame!

Not related to map! (Discord expanded and made clearer for the community)
A new save game is absolutely necessary!

It is a fictional map with 255 farmlands and 210 fields from small to very large.
So it’s perfect for any farming enthusiast with large loaders.
The map is also a multi-crop map, which means that it is possible to grow all standard crops and various additional crops as desired.
Red bed and parsnip are only available in combination with the DLC “Premium Expansion”.
You can also expect a variety of starter vehicles, 21 productions and 20 sales stations to market your products!
I have not built a farm myself because I am sure that everyone will want to design it themselves.
The map has an extensive train system. Immerse yourself in an immersive farming experience and create your own successful farm.
The map may not be perfect, but I hope you enjoy playing it.


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