FS22 Claas Harvester Pack v1.0.0.2

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FS22 Claas Harvester Pack v1.0.0.2

This pack includes all standard LS22 Claas harvesters & more.

– IfkOS adapted
– Diesel consumption adjusted (Lexion ’23)
– Fixed AdditionalCams disappearing from the pipe camera

The pack is prepared for the AdditionalCams mod and requires the RealGPS mod!

Vehicles / performance configuration / price
Claas Tucano 580 280kW / 381PS from €348,000.00
Claas Trion 720-750 270kW – 320 kW / 367HP – 435HP from €375,000.00
Claas Lexion 8900 574kW / 780PS from €489,500.00
Claas Jaguar 930-990 340kW – 680kW / 462 – 925 HP from €358,500.00
Claas Jaguar 930-990 Terra Trac 340kW – 680kW / 462 – 925 HP from €380,500.00

Cutting units included / working width / price
Claas Vario 770 7.7m from €45,000.00
Claas Convio Flex 1080 10.8m from €63,500.00
Claas Convio Flex 1230 12.3m from €83,500.00
Claas Convio Flex 1380 13.8m from €90,000.00
Claas Corio 875 FC 6.0m from €63,500.00
Claas Cirio 1275 C 9.0m from €79,500.00
Claas Orbis 750 7.5m from €100,000.00
Claas Orbis 900 9.0m from €120,000.00
Claas Pickup 300 3.0m from €20,500.00
Claas Direct Disc 500 5.0m from €59,500.00

Cutting unit carts included / price
Claas Vario 770 trailer from €7,950.00
Claas Corio 1275 C trailer from €12,500.00
Claas Direct Disc 500 Trailer from €4,950.00
Nardi N60-35 from €7,000.00
Nardi N60-40 from €10,500.00
Nardi N60-45 from €12,000.00
The pack comes with the usual design configs and some new features:

Design configurations:
– Claas Edition
– BayernGamers Edition
– DNF edition
-Red Edition
– Green Edition
– Yellow Edition
– Blue Edition
– Orange edition
– White Edition

Carpet configurations:
– Claas logo (Trion contains 2 different ones)
– LSFM logo
– no logo

Carpets in the interior matching the DesignConfigs.
Rim color configurable including new colors (e.g. matt gray)
Main color configurable including new colors (e.g. Fend Black Beauty)
Design color on all rims Configurable with Editions.
Headers and matching trailers are excluded from the design configurations. The color choice was adjusted so
that color-matching selections are possible.

InteractiveControl installed:
– Steering column
– Door
– Side window
can be opened/folded.

– Straw chopper animation fixed on Lexion 8900
– Fixed wiper animations on the Jaguar 980 and 960TT

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