FS22 BayrischerWald MultiFrucht v2.0.1.0

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FS22 BayrischerWald MultiFrucht v2.0.1.0

A mod by Team NeilloxGaming!

Version 2.0.1
Error: Failed to open xml file ‘data/placeables/mapAlpine/trainSystem/’. Fixed
Fruit Rye Cleared
Precision farming works
Carrots entered in German
Simply exchange the card and continue

It is very important that there is a fix version above under Versions that load newer ones and have fun <3
Hello dear Bavarian Forest community,
In the new version V2, a number of things have been redesigned and changed, namely:
At the main yard, the silo was changed to an original game silo and the yard was changed a bit in general.
A new addition is the multi-fruit with onions, hops, carrots, poppy seeds, clover and alfalfa
Also new are a few productions and a new place where you can buy all kinds of food,
4 new sale stations have also made it onto the map including a few in the village,
the village is now rebuilt. We now have 50 fields and 14 meadows on the map
which have all been reviewed and all farmlands have been revised.
The forest people can also be happy for them there is a new sawmill with carpentry and new forest areas.
All Erlengrad logos have now also disappeared and there are now new NPC names and logos as well.
Important A new savegame is absolutely necessary !!!!

Required mods
MW-Hofpack1 from BernieSCS (required)
MW-Hofpack2 from BernieSCS (required)
MW-kleine Hof BGA by Zetor6245 (required)
LEIMBINDER MACHINE HALLS by VertexDezign, Niggels (required)
LS22 MORETREES from KR-Softwares ( Required )

I hope you like my makeover.
If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me on my discord.
I’ll include the link to it for you.
You are also welcome to visit my Twitch channel and leave a follow
House own AD courses: AD courses Bavarian Forest Multi-fruit
I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, if so just write to me 😛
otherwise many thanks to all who help me close this card more and more horny
I look forward to your comments 🙂 and the whole team wish you a lot of fun
MFG Neillox Gaming & Team
For all other forums:
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  1. Andreas Bey says:

    Hallo NeilloxGaming

    Erst einmal herzlichen Dank für die viele Arbeit die Du/Ihr in die Map BayrischerWald Multifrucht gesteckt habt.
    Könnte mir trotz das die Karte super ist jemand sagen wie man den Hof am Dorfrand (KompostFabrik) verkaufen kann (komplet so das die Gebäude auch weg sind) und wie man an die Traubenverarbeitungsanlage kommen soll (Hof ist von Zaun umgeben und Tor öffnet sich nicht bzw. Produktion nicht kaufbar)

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