FS19 US Trailer with Autoload Feature

FS19 US Trailer with Autoload Feature

Here is a Converted US Flatbed trailer mod for Farming Simulator 19.
It can automatically load the in-game square and round bales as well as all the pallet items such as seed, fert, pig food, etc.
This is fully tested and functional in SP, MP, & Dedicated Servers.

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37 Responses

  1. barto says:

    please man, fast <3

  2. Farmer says:

    You will save that game, please hurry <3

  3. Farmer says:

    still waiting for it man, I consult the page everyday. plz hurry up plz

  4. impatient says:

    maybe in 100 years I’ll wait

  5. Griseus says:

    What is the problem ? Hurry !

  6. Luke Gibbs says:

    When will this be released? Wanting to use asap

  7. Andrei says:

    Hope this Autoloader will work for logs!

  8. Jelly says:

    when is soon?
    give us a date

  9. Can says:

    lütfen acele et .artık dayanamıyorum

  10. Dukeland says:

    I need this soooon :)))

  11. Sd_Farmer says:

    When will this be ready

  12. Beth Parker says:

    Please please please…be soon! It’s just not the same without it!

  13. CFS says:

    Come on guys, there is still no autoload trailer! R u lazy?

  14. Chris g says:

    Almost positive that r u lazy…is lazy

  15. soulkeeper2626 says:

    auto loader is missing the point of what fs19 is all about …. manual and hard work is what farming is about

  16. Gurra says:

    If the physics where not so insanly messed up in this game id agree on the autoloader but considering as it is id prefer a autoloader also.

  17. BangGangRabbit says:

    died by writing the mod? reading coming soon since the realese of the game.

  18. SpoodyJ says:

    I was told that the games code has not been released yet which is keeping the modes from being able to apply the auto load feature

  19. Tricky says:

    That is correct the developers have not made auto load a feature yet so the mod can not be released until this happens.

  20. Tricky says:

    I honestly disagree with the last post as I donot like pivoting dollies on the trailers as it makes it much harder to back them into a building for storage.

  21. huawabauer says:

    is it me or is the link leading to a completely different trailer??

    • FS 19 Mods says:

      Yes, we added a link to another autoload trailer, because this trailer release date take to long. Another trailer is autoload and works perfect.

  22. Yuri says:

    Also ich bin vom Mod sehr enttäuscht. Erst mussten wir solange darauf warten und dann die Feststellung im Spiel das man damit nur Rundballen transportieren kann und nicht die ganzen Sachen die in der Beschreibung stehen und dann kommt noch dazu das, dass Abladen nicht richtig eigentlich gar nicht funktioniert. Ich hoffe der Mod wird noch bearbeitet.

  23. jc says:

    I don’t work by just putting file in mod list, why not?

  24. Fabiano nogueira says:

    Me manda o link do mapa .Pacote de Equipamento Florestal

  25. Lynn Keith says:

    This is not a Semi Trailer!

  26. liquidsteel says:

    unzip it put the folder in mod folder

  27. Taxcollector says:

    Cant get i to work with CUT GRASS bales.. Says bales not supported.

  28. Min says:

    I can not steer my truck with this trailer attached, it will go forward or backwards but not turn at all. Any ideas why or what I can do to fix this.

  29. farming says:

    I can’t upload this mod . I d’ont know why

  30. sbtfan says:

    this is a fliegl dpw 180 not a flatbed trailer and it doesnt do pallets. what gives???

  31. neronakoma says:

    wrong trailer. GG

  32. torben says:

    not a us trailer this modder is a damn cheater

  33. Dwight says:

    This trailer will not load wool palettes, is that coming?

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