FS19 Fliegl Flatbed Autoload

FS19 Fliegl Flatbed Autoload

Farming Simulator 19 Flatbed Trailer UAL, this Fliegl Trailer can autoload bales, pallets and saplings.

Price: 17000,- €
Length: 11.8 m
Maintenance: 10,- € / day


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What is Farming Simulator 2019 mods

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29 Responses

  1. Rgeers says:

    Do you have an E.T.A.? They forgot to add a round bale pickup trailer so I need this desperately :p

  2. Vincent Mineault says:

    its will be nice to release it

  3. peter Rosted says:

    Nice game , very good

  4. SamkoPu says:

    when will be mode accesible ?

  5. KHAN says:

    the round bail pickup trailer was added today, look in the mod section on the maint menu, but yes defantly need this

  6. liquid says:

    mm is it that hard

  7. Aron Denis says:

    Jocul este unul bun și foarte realistic

  8. Derpy Derpson says:

    Definitely need this before i do any actual bailing, the in game-machines are just too cumbersome and slow

  9. liquidsteel says:

    must be very hard to convert as there are no autoloading trailors

  10. Danyell Medeiros says:

    Looking forward to download, sorry that I do not know how to convert the fs 17 mod.

  11. Luke Gibbs says:

    When is this coming? Wanting asap

  12. Dukeland says:

    We all waiting, iam sure you make a great Work! hope to see this Trailer soon :))

  13. Sefa Yılmaz says:

    when will come

  14. coming sooon says:

    fuck this. best bet to convert the damn mod from fs 17. there are youtube videos that show how to convert mods. that way you dont have to wait on inbred retards like this. who try to act like its hard to mod. when it takes me seriously 10mins to convert a mod, clean it up, check files for logs, notepad ++ change stuff in there and boom 10mins error free convert.

  15. liquidsteel says:

    i just got an email saying this trailer is available, in my mind

  16. Rizler says:

    ha már kész lenne az is késő lenne:):)már várom

  17. WOLF says:

    PLEASE quickly

  18. Chris Gardner says:

    The more people whine and complain, the longer it will take.

  19. Dukeland says:

    Giants does not release the Source Code , so it is not possible to release the autoload Trailer! We have to wait longer!

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