Follow Me 1.0 FS19

Follow Me 1.0 FS19

Ever wanted to have some vehicles follow you around the map?
With “Follow Me” you can in Farming Simulator 19 (though not backwards driving).

Did you have a need for any FS19 vehicles moving behind you? With “Follow Me” this is possible!
This mod migrated from Farming Simulator 17.
With this Follow Me 1.0 FS19 mod, you can manage several vehicles at one time, other farmers will go for you, not for free of course, but they do not require gold mountains.
They will knock everything down in its path, whether you are, whether it’s traffic machines, but in the case of traffic, they’ll shove it.
So you can simultaneously mow one grass with a FS19 tractor, and the second go after it and dry it, roll the third one, fourth to make bales, the fifth to pack bales for a special pier.

Default control keys:
‘Myself’ is the current vehicle
RIGHT-CTRL F = Toggle ‘FollowMe’ on/off
RIGHT-CTRL H = Wait/Resume
RIGHT-CTRL W/S = Distance increase/decrease
RIGHT-CTRL A/D = Offset left/right adjust
RIGHT-CTRL X = Offset reset or hold for invert

‘Behind’ the followed vehicle
RIGHT-SHIFT F = Disengage ‘FollowMe’
RIGHT-SHIFT H = Wait/Resume
RIGHT-SHIFT W/S = Distance increase/decrease
RIGHT-SHIFT A/D = Offset left/right adjust
RIGHT-SHIFT X = Offset reset or hold for invert


Decker_MMIV (DCK)

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77 Responses

  1. mike says:

    is this available yet

  2. Ryan says:

    please let us know a date asap!!! lol

  3. cioabi800 says:

    please let us know a date asap

  4. Chris g says:

    sometime between november 25th 2018 and the release of fs20

  5. Bortse23 says:

    Wann wird es verfügbar sein????
    Bin schon gespannt.

  6. Mark Kirshtner says:

    One of the must have Mods to make this game fun. thank you for making it. They should pay you for your time, making something that should have been in the base game.

  7. mightymac5ttv says:

    i carnt wait for this mod and the follow me one

  8. PandaBoy4231 says:

    come on, guys!!

  9. Tassos says:

    We wait this mod more than everything.

  10. HgoDR says:

    Nothing yet, i come here every day

  11. Brandon says:

    Whens it comeing

  12. tonyperony says:

    To sad, that this is not a standard in the game. The same as for GPS.

  13. Çağrı says:

    Hi mode when it comes?

  14. costales says:

    very necessary in all the games, thanks

  15. PEPA says:


    • Help says:

      Nikde ještě není hotový.
      a upřímně kromě grafiky není ve FS19 nic nové a bez curseplay a follow me je to nehratelné.

  16. Kerem says:

    Mod ne zaman gelecek?

  17. Gerrit Geldenhuys says:

    How does a mod that is not available get a 4.5 rating.

  18. juju says:

    download ???

  19. pozorexc says:

    come on where is it damnnn

  20. liquidsteel says:

    blocking me from posting even

  21. liquidsteel says:

    look at the date posted

  22. commanderbek says:

    we are still waiting

  23. Pascal Druaux says:

    news ?

  24. Montgomery says:

    when will it be avaliable?

  25. Gregers says:

    When? Please, when???

  26. sukrugedik says:

    from here please follow the follow mode

  27. Stefan_R0 says:

    When in the world it;s going to be for download? I have a big farm and is very difficult to administrate all the helpers , please release it

  28. Aiden Wilkins says:

    When will it release

  29. Kampeca says:


  30. Zdenda says:

    je to k dispozici?

  31. fuck you says:

    will it ever be

  32. Kristoffer Gullersbo says:

    comon wear is this we ned it noooowwww not nexst year

  33. grzes1234 says:

    goog mod

  34. Mark Kirshtner says:

    Please finish this mod, we get countless pointless mods daily, wish all these great modders would focus on the great mods, this one on the top pf the list, couseplay and seasons the other two.

  35. Farmer Carson says:

    please finish it!! I could use this very badly!!

  36. Wolfarius says:

    It’s very bad that Devs relase base game without thinks like this or courseplay without these mods is the game very booring.

  37. JustAfarmer says:

    “coming soon” should be changed to “will some some day”

  38. GWgameing says:

    I feel bad for yall… take nyalls time

  39. Kampeca says:

    click on the stars to leave go up witch!!!!! google translator:)

  40. commanderbek says:

    at least you should make an announcement dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. gary sherwood says:

    has only updated this mod yet

  42. just me says:

    when will the mod finally appear

  43. rodrigo says:

    para ser mas crueles coloquen hoy no, mañana si

  44. Pat Stringer says:

    J’espère que ce mod trés utile verra le jour sur FS19 bientot 🙂

  45. wolf1004 says:

    pour quand??

  46. chtiseb says:

    Il sort quand ?

  47. farmer Joe says:

    when is it coming out

  48. Dustin Gems says:

    Igor From the creators of the map Gifts of the Caucasus works on it. it will take a while because Giants The data does not give out. Like a lot of other things. So please dive or try it yourself xD times

  49. 09 says:

    ces pour quand serieux

  50. Wolfarius says:

    I will not buy another game from Giants. Lazy devs what relasing uncomplete game and waiting for moders. FS19 it’s booring game without this mod and other mods what you need for game.

  51. Rep5oN says:

    When is ready to use ? Is no fun to play FS 19 without follow me and course play..

  52. dries says:

    hello, on my new laptop i dont have the right ctrl button no more….
    is there a solution for this?

  53. Markus says:

    schön langsam hasse ich das ls19 ,da geht beim ls17 mehr und alles ,eine frechheit ist das steht immer dem nächst

  54. Markus Hupfeld says:

    wie kann ich mir dernn runder laden

  55. 09 says:

    sérieux ces pour quand ce mod

  56. Dave says:

    Well Still Waiting for this Mod I see, Thankfully Course Play is out though. This Thread Reminds me of one of those Streamers on twitch who don’t go off the “starting stream soon” until a x amount of people are watching. Its like the Mod Dev is waiting for a X Amount of Comments Smfh

  57. Gibon says:

    Czekam na ten mod

  58. Raven Shepard says:

    Still coming soon, really? Where is the problem to convert this from FS17 to FS19, i mean, where is the problem at all to let the Community know, what are you doing and how long you still will need? -.- So disappointing

  59. Alex farmer says:

    ahah men yu made my day ahaha you are so angry… keep cool or convert it yourself (because i need it too ) :p

  60. Jarko says:

    hmm mam wrazenie, ze się nie doczekamy :/

  61. Chaturanga Bandara Adikari says:

    What the heaven???? If you can’t convert this tell us how to do we will do. Keep your fights with you. You released a game and if you are not releasing the stuff, you draw back the game. we don’t care you are fighting inside or making love. Give us the mods.

  62. bluedream says:

    I got great news it is being tested as we speak by giants

  63. Najeb Ali says:

    Kiedy wyjdzie ten mod

  64. James Windolf says:


  65. Charles Rowe says:

    I have a iMac keyboard with no ‘right Control’ key please can you let me know how I can get this to work?

  66. Alain says:

    Il est déjà dispo sur d’autre site est il marche très bien

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