Farming Simulator 19 will have better graphics!

Farming Simulator 19 will have better graphics!

All Farming Simulator players want to play with more realistic and better graphics. We have got an answer from Farming Simulator 19 developer Lisertan:

You mean if the next FS will have better graphice because teh console has more power. I’d say yes

Other Ides and suggestions from fans:

1) a 4K graphics, I like the graphics, but I’m sure GIANTS can enter a level of detail that we do not even imagine
2) as a map I would like to see an Italian map, as I’m an Italian player
3) As a new plant I would like to see tomato, vine, fruit and even rice
4) the possibility of fencing the fields and bringing their animals to the pasture
5) more manual tools eg. brush cutter, broom, spade …
6) new texture for crops
7) dynamic terrain, seasons …
8) Possibility of building buildings

Another player says:
Im being honest here, BUT, i dont really see any new graphics, to me its been the same, but for straw, grass and hay swathing, that has took a turn for the better, ive watched dozens of YouTube videos on PS4 FS17 of course, and the mod maps planting textures are incredible, from fs15, grass, corn, wheat, barley, sugar beet, potato, canola, haven’t changed from then, i surely hope to see a graphics update, not like the teaser video (unless you can pull it off) but, tone that down, just a tad bit, i would but it, cause like farm-war said, new generation console can handle Greater graphics, it make me wonder what the next GTA will look like.

And one more from talks:

For the American maps, we need a dually truck like the Lizard TT (option with pick up bed and flatbed), as well as gooseneck trailers (like 32 and 40 foot lengths with ramps and tension belts as these seem to be the most common), as well as a gooseneck livestock trailer. There is so much smaller equipment in the game that is too small for a semi, so a smaller form of transportation seems necessary. I think a lock script for equipment on trailers would be a nice addition as well.

The graphics are the least of my concerns. They are perfectly fine. I’d like more gameplay elements. Seasons, more crops, businesses, extra ways to make income. Possibly another animal or two. Orchards. I feel the game needs slightly more longevity in these ways rather than more tractors, trailers etc. We have loads of equipment already.
I know most of these are already on pc but as a console player, id love to see some of these added to the base game.

This gave me an idea, but not necessarily with manual tools….removable hedges. This way, the player can combine multiple fields into one so they can create a large field if they desire.

It would also be nice to see increased functions in the greenhouses. Instead of earning an hourly rate, the greenhouse produces pallets that need to be transported and sold. I would like to see an option in the settings that allows you to turn off automatic selling of products (cows, greenhouses, bees etc.). For example, there could be a dairy product factory where you go and deliver products. There, the player would open up a menu like the livestock market where they could pick what they want it turned into (cheese, yoghurt etc). They then pay a small fee and then get their product to go and sell for a higher price. I feel like this would add more realism to the game. I would like to see more skidsteer brands in the game, like Bobcat since they invented the original skidsteer.

On a separate note, can someone please let me know how to quote correctly. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Thank you!

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