Farming Simulator 19 – What We Know So Far #1

Farming Simulator 19 – What We Know So Far #1

All the latest information about the upcoming game – Farming Simulator 19
In this brand new series I keep you up to date with all the news, screenshots, videos and anything else Farming Simulator 2019 related.

Welcome to episode 1 of what we know so far about Farming Simulator 19.

TThe first news we had about Farming Simulator 19 came about on the 7th of February 2018 when Giants attended the what’s next at focus home event this essentially gave Giants the opportunity to explain their upcoming game to journalists and then they would in turn create their own news articles about the game.

This event obviously solidified claims that the farming simulator 19 version was on the way. However it didn’t really give us much information until February the 15th when the very first CGI trailer was released

Farming Simulator 19: Official CGI Reveal Trailer

This CGI trailer was quite sneaky in a way because it did give away a few things. However they were still very careful not to give away the new brand.
Which of course is a brand, which carries the colors of green and yellow. The reason why I say was sneaky was, because this was actually a slightly different version to the later CGI trailer which was released at e3.

This is because it left people thinking that the tractor in the keyring was the tractor brand which was going to be coming to the game and the tractor behind it clearly has grey rims or silver rims and it could well have just been a brand which already exists in the franchise so this really was a teaser of a CGI trailer which of course was the intended purpose.

We now move forward to March the 9th when the very first in-game screenshot was published. Now this screenshot actually was not only a spectacular screenshot but it did leave a few questions asked and that was mainly what an earth is that tractor in the background.

Number of people instantly said it’s a fence it’s a fan it’s alright you don’t have to get all excited about it being a John Deere because they’re never gonna be in the game. You don’t need to worry so I seemed into it many people that also zoomed into it and we then discovered that it was indeed a fent this in itself.
However was very good news because it meant that fent was staying in the game which to a lot of people is fantastic there are a lot of Fenton lovers out there in fact event being part of ICO also pretty much solidified that the challenges massive Osen and vultures would be staying as well.

This didn’t mean that everybody could calm down a bit because it would mean that John Deere still was not confirmed. Just a few days later on March the 15th another peace information came out and in fact this was a comparison between farming tomato 17 and 19 s graphics so as you can see here they actually produced a slider on their website which still exists to this day.
Where you can see the difference from the same angle and the same place on the map of the difference between 17 and 19 obviously 19 being much more stunning with their enhanced graphics engine now.
I won’t go into too much detail about the actual graphical engine itself because I don’t know much about it.
However they did post a list of different things which are going to be integrated into this package which is going to make the overall graphics much much better.
So really from my point of view as long as it looks like it does in this slider I’m going to be quite happy moving forward to April the 1st April the first obvious being April Fool’s Day. Giants have a bit of a tendency of creating April Fool’s jokes and then actually bringing them to life which is quite interesting this is very interesting actually because the Commodore 64 version appeared to be either April Fool’s joke for this year.

With more news coming out about the release of FS 19 it now appears to actually be a genuine thing and it’s actually part of the upcoming collector’s edition.
So I’ll tell you a bit more about that in a minute I don’t know much about it but could it be true is it genuinely coming out we will see June the 12th it’s time for the full-length CGI version by giant software this is the farming simulator 19 CGI trailer for e3. Now this one definitely gives much more information away I’ll come back to this sign in a minute but obviously the big announcement which I’m sure most of you are now seen is this tractor just here and in fact the brand of this tractor just here the wheels have turned yellow the rims are yellow.
What could it be it’s a John Deere of course so John Deere was confirmed to be in the game which was absolutely amazing news.

I don’t know if it was totally unexpected however I think a lot of people did stop believing that he would ever be part of the game. So this is obviously a huge shock for some people but possibly quite expected for a number of others myself I was expecting it to come sorry just had to be a big smug bear.
So yeah John Deere is part of the upcoming farming simulator 19 game which is just going to be an absolute delight to use their machinery as you can see there’s also a new crop type which is cotton and actually there is oats as well.

The oats being made freely for the horses I believe horses are now in the game as you can see here there is some cotton being harvested by some very large Case IH harvesters. So among other things the big announcement was John Deere cotton oats and horses. Now I’m sure that most of the youtubers and streamers who actually covered the CGI trailer live overlooked the for sale sign to begin with myself included of course it was a very exciting time and yeah I think everybody was just waiting to see which tractor was in the shed and didn’t really look at this for sale time.

However it didn’t seem to get past many of the viewers they seemed to notice it straight away which was absolutely fantastic. I know that a lot of players actually head to the forums and also to my comment section and no doubt other people’s comment section as well on YouTube and the postpones twitch and stuff like that to say that’s there was a for sale sign at the farm now. It isn’t actually confirmed that you can sell or buy farms. However it’s a pretty good hint since the e3 event and also the CGI trailer there has been a small amount of extra information which has been published now. Basically this is the Amazon German site so and you can see the collector’s edition and also the standard edition of lambda workshop Farming Simulator 19 is now available to pre-order. Also through Amazon Prime you can see that the release date is currently set to the 28th of December. This hasn’t been confirmed by Giants publicly.

You never know it could well be the date it has been known in the past though finished a random date to be put on games while they’re in the pre-release stage. The collectors edition did actually end up being quite interesting to look out because you can see here that there are a number of different things actually included within this edition.

The first thing being the landward shaft simulator 19 Commodore 64 edition. Now I don’t know how this is gonna go about as I’m sure there won’t be a great deal of people who have a fully functioning Commodore 64. I’m sure would be quite a few on the shelf in the garage but you just never know. So I don’t know maybe it’s part of the game, maybe you can just load it up through farmy Somoza 19 and it just feels like it’s the 64 edition.
Sort of in the same design, same arcade game. I don’t know, I wouldn’t really like to speculate, because I initially thought it was an April Fool’s, but how wrong was I there’s also after the main game, the main box. There’s also a John Deere 75 30 model now actually siku if that is the correct pronunciation for that tend to produce these models it certainly was for the Farming Simulator 17 version. I think its massey ferguson tractor in that.
So interesting to see nice tractor very good to have you know just brings it alive really we also have the landward shaft simulator hats I’m assuming there will be an English version of this as well which will say farming simulator again is not confirmed, but yeah there was 417. There’s also the modding video tutorials on a disc it would appear, there’s five postcards. I think there’s 10 stickers which have the different brands and a machinery from in the game. So we’ve got raper I think there’s some John Deere in there as well. There is and well no doubt there’ll be some AGCO stuff or something like that can’t say for sure but yeah you can see there’s definitely rope from John Deere. There are also a two posters included and if you look take a look at the top left, there you can see it says downloadable content the John Deere XUV 865 m Gator which is I think it’s actually newly released. I think it was December 2017 if I’m not mistaken that model it’s a new Gator anyway or fully kitted out with a cab so that would be very nice to have in the Farming Simulator 19 game. Here is a closer look at the box art as you can see there is quite clearly the John Deere tracks are there the main focus, but also on the left-hand side there is the cotton crop and on the far right hand side. You can see horses with people riding them this would appear to be the American map. I’m assuming this is the new American map there is going to be the overhauled version of Estancia lapacho there is the new American map and also there is a new European map again.

The European map doesn’t actually have any confirmation just yet as to which country it’s going to be set in on the 29th of June after the e3 event it turns out that a YouTube channel called mixer did an interview with Martin from Farming Simulator from Giants and he confirmed that there were going to be two more features, two more confirmed features which were Bert which would be flying around and I’m assuming eating your crop. So you’d have to hire who I would assume try and figure out a way of stopping them from eating your crop if it’s going to be as in-depth as that, but yeah that the fact that is gonna be a bit of wildlife. It is very nice to hear, because well one thing with Farming Simulator 17 or the previous versions is there’s not really any wind in the game and also you don’t see any wildlife. There’s no rabbits or birds or anything roaming around the maps it is pretty much just you in the machines and the other thing was weeds in the fields. So basically two pests whichever way you want to look at it. So it might mean that it’s gonna be more like the soil mod in our first FS15. Where you had to keep the correct fertilizer application of correct herbicide pesticide all that kind of stuff to control these weeds. I can’t say if that is exactly how it’s going to work, but weeds have been confirmed to be in the game.

We’re now all the waiting more information for Farming Simulator 19, but rest assured I’m going to be keeping you up to date here and I’ll be also doing standalone updates as well this is going to be probably every 2 or 3 months depending on how much information comes out but that is episode number one of what’s new in farming simulator 19!

Thank you for watching and I see you again soon bye for now!

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