Farming Simulator 19 Update (patch) V1.3 Beta

Farming Simulator 19 Update (patch) V1.3 Beta

Painting a grass texture now adds grass in the first growth stage.

Added a filling percentage for tools and vehicles.
Added a name for the crops/seed/fertilizer inside the tool/vehicle.
Added a default mapping for Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel
Added a new sensitivity control to the adjusted analog gamepad steering

Bug fixes
Fixed bales desynchronization issues in Multiplayer
Fixed bought bales spawning beneath the map
Fixed BGA pricing and unloading issues
Fixed various LUA errors on dedicated servers
Fixed a blocking issue with the Goldhofer rear part.
Fixed a blocking issue when Alt-tabbing with a wheel connected.
Fixed an issue where animals kept producing even if they didn’t have any food or water.
Fixed an issue where bales vanished after tabbing away from the train on a dedicated server

Painting over the same texture will no longer cost money
Fixed issues with Fanatec Clubsport V3 and T-Pedals mappings
Fixed issues related to the low collision of Ninja pipe
Fixed an issue caused by any steering wheel/gear shifter when using landscaping.
Fixed several localization issues
Fixed an issue where cruise control didn’t work properly when using steering wheel and pedals
Fixed an issue where key picture was missing before PAN MAP on map overview
G27 mapping names should now display properly.
Various sound improvements
Various improvements, game balancing and fixes for vehicles and gameplay

GIANTS Software

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8 Responses

  1. Zagisa says:

    And nothing about the terrible AI missing parts of fields and unexpectedly stopping all the time. Guess its time to finally leave a negative feedback, really hard to play at this stage.

  2. Drulia says:

    Game weather never change
    contracts not available
    they fixing landscaping

  3. Dr. Drulia says:



    Bravo GIANT

  4. V.marton says:

    Error fs 19 english not installeg ?? 🙁

  5. Anon says:

    Why are comments being censored?

  6. Tassos says:

    I’m play from Steam. I could use the patch? Thanks

  7. Marcos Antônio Livi says:

    Ola td bem fui instalar o Patch 1.3 e diz a seguinte mensagem:
    “O Farming Simulator 19 (inglês) não está instalado”
    Mas seu eu tenho ele e estava jogando na versão anterior.

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