Farming Simulator 19 with Seasons? Ideas – Chapter #5

Farming Simulator 19 with Seasons? Ideas – Chapter #5

I would love to see the seasons properties in fs19 such as weather impact on crops and even tractors such as: machinery that’s left out for a long time such as two ingame weeks that implement/tool will get rusty and the paint may fade.

I want to see different variety of maps like and American one a Russian one a greman one and a uk/irish one.

I want to see a used vehicle shop category like some older tractors can be used and may not be in the best condition.

Proper vehicle maintenance or check ups and you can repair them and can add a small animation as if the farmer is fixing something.

I want to see better ground response like you said.

Tyre wearing and getting new ones.

I want to see a far wider crop variety like there is a pretty big category of crops that would be amazing like beans, carrots, peas, clover and proper whole crop.

I really want to see animal fattening and beef cows.

Better graphics as always they improve a lot.

no more mods on console.

A bigger variety of cars or even machinery.

OMG interactive control that would be astonishing.
I want to see daily human essentials like eating drinking going to the toilet business and keeping fit and loosing a few pounds you know.

No more rain going through the shed like weather physics like snow and rain is slippery and rain will affect bales but that’s all included in seasons. 3D textures no more of this 4K texture BS.

And more some good ideas to make the next FS19 even better these:

1. Seasons Mod in Winter if possible cows stay in during winter in a cow shed

2. Buy Cow Food/Meal for cows instead of power Food

3. More interaction with Animals like Beef Cattle fattening have a fattening weight & then bring to Livestock Market to sell

4. To have a Slurry slats where u left up the slats & mix the Slurry then using a Slurry Tanker fill up with a pipe

5. For u to be able transport cows to any grass field all grass fields should have a water trough that u fill up water with then the cows have the grass to eat & they are happy

6. I think it’d be nice to have fertiliser bags to unload Fertiliser into ur Spreader but if u don’t want to be bothered doing that still have full points for fertiliser

7. The way u have to clean the animals & they have cleanliness when u are cleaning them out u should be able to put it into the Manure pit & it automatically turns into Manure

8. To have a few more breeds of animals would be nice I know u have different colours & breeds on fs 17 but they should all come in different prices

9. When cows reproduce they should have calves instead of fully grown cows

10. For one of the fertiliser states I should have to top grass with a mower/ Topper to help the yield of the grass

Hope this will give u some ideas on what to put in next farming simulator I know all of these maybe can’t be done but plz take them into consideration plz coz I think it’d really improve the thanks for ur time

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