Farming Simulator 19 – Many Technical Improvements

Farming Simulator 19 – Many Technical Improvements

Farming Simulator 19 will be the most realistic title of the series so far. Better graphics, more options for your lands, more animals and a more complete experience, – all to charm fans of the series.

The 2018 marks the tenth anniversary for Farming Simulator , a long story born in 2008 on PC and then literally exploded in the hands of developers who, in a very short time, have had to deal with a millionaire brand, popular to the point of becoming the game more sold on the German PC market. During these years, however, the series has evolved, arriving on all possible and imaginable platforms and touching tens of millions of players, attracted by the pleasure of cultivating seeds and keeping their land.

Farming Simulator has been so successful over the years that there are as many as 18 languages ​​in which it has been translated and there are something like seventy million FS19 mods out there ready to be downloaded and tested, so much so that Giants Software has never hidden the desire to collaborate shoulder to shoulder with the community to grow the game more and more. 

The 2018 also marks another important year since the Farming Simulator 19 will land on Switch while the prince version can instead rely on a complete restyle of the graphics engine. Will it be enough for you to become experienced farmers once again?

One of the elements that has always impressed us the most about Farming Simulator is the type of audience that plays with this simulator. There are not only young teenagers driven by the desire to try something completely different, but behind the title there is a community of real factors that is exercised and appreciates all the smallest details of the Giants production. The title on the other hand has always been a relaxing experience and both casual and hardcore gamers can find a way to play that fully satisfies them.

For Farming Simulator 19 in reality things will not be so different and as usual you can safely expect the inclusion of all the most famous brands, just as if it were Ferrari, Farming Simulator tries to be an immense virtual encyclopaedia of agriculture, with such a profuse care in development that it is possible to take this palm tree without too much trouble. During the presentation of this new chapter, the developers did not want to dwell too much on the new features included, focusing instead on the technical aspect, improved a lot compared to the past. There will therefore be new shadows, new lighting effects, including different refraction on the various surfaces constructed with different materials. The end result, even for a layman, is something amazing and only the most famous driving simulators can give this level of detail. Yet things to do will never be too different from the past.

Sure there will be new features, that’s for sure. That’s how between a chat and the other jumps out that Farming Simulator 19 will also have a brand new day / night cycle, a dynamic sky and a sudden changing weather, adding a factor of unpredictability in a game. To enjoy all this well of God three maps will be inserted,  weight gain from the old versions and readjusted for this new production. Here, in South America we could  enjoy the setting sun, with clouds, finally designed in Voxel that will make them appear as physical and real objects in 3D, abandoning those artwork spread on the sky. Added to this is the volumetric fog, the shadows projected now by every single object on the map and also a feature called dynamic eye adaptation that will tighten the field of view and the focus of objects according to the intensity of the light.

Summing up, even the 2018 for Farming Simulator 19 lovers will be a year not to be missed. We are now waiting for the new crucial information on content and gameplay that will come to a short crackdown in some hands-on event.

Farming Simulator 19 is a unique title and dedicated to a huge number of fans. Today’s presentation in Paris did not bring out a great deal of news about game mechanics and content but at least gave us a clear idea of ​​how the team worked to make this chapter shine more than any other iteration. If you love Farming Simulator, however, expect the biggest garage ever, with a lot of licenses, new seeds and plants to grow and even new animals, all of course embraced by a sky and a lighting system redone completely new.

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