Farming Simulator 19 Ideas – Chapter #4

Farming Simulator 19 Ideas – Chapter #4

What do you think about these Ideas for Farming Simulator 19?

new crops: peanuts, dryland rice farming, …

why not fruit such as apples: after the appletrees are planted and the orchard is fullgrown you can mechanically harvest the apples with a tree shaker and a front sweeper to pick up the apples. It takes some time to grow for the trees. After the trees are fullgrown and able to carry apples, the apples themselves follow the normal growth cycle. After the apples are harvested, you don’t have to cultivate or replant new trees ( except for spraying between growth cycles of the apples). At the beginning of the game you already get an orchard.

crop dusting

possibility to buy second hand equipment early in the game ( with higher maintenance cost). The maintenance cost is quite high now. Another possibility is that you frequently ( every 100 hour the engine is running in game) have to drive your equipment to the garage and get it fixed or checked. At a cost of course.

Animals : chickens should multiply and you’ll have to feed them with corn or other crops

You have to clean the stables yourself to get the manure.

And selling the milk should be done by your own milktruck.

Logging: you have to buy a parcel of forest ( on the hills and side of the map) ground and plant trees on it. Buying forest ground is cheaper than farmland, but not suited for other crops. At the beginning of the game you already get a parcel with some trees on it, you’ll have to replant them or buy another parcel. You can’t cut down or plant a tree if the parcel is not yours, but you can plant them anywhere else ( for example on the grass borders)

At the start of the game you should be able to pick a category. For example: if you choose logging you already get a parcel with trees on it. If you choose animals you already get some cows and some basic equipment such as the watercontainer. If you choose farming you get extra farmland. Or, for the die hards, you only get the same equipment/parcels as you do now.

The missions are too lucrative. You should only be able to do the missions with your own equipment. When your harvester is full, you’ll have to call an AI-helper to unload the crop. No time limit. Fixed price per hectare for labour depending on sowing, spraying, plowing, harvesting,… When you have a bigger harvester, it takes less time to complete the mission. Time is money people!

I actually don’t like Goldcrest: too much city buildings and (rail) roads. But this is my personal opinion. I want a rural map with lots of free grass to cut.

Picking up straw, grass and hay with a universal bucket/shovel shouldn’t work. You should have to use the special equipment ( the thing with the teeth, I don’t know the name for it)

Harvesting poplar is fun, but you can only do it later in the game with some expensive equipment. So maybe an forage header for the cheaper forage harvesters? And woodchips are actually easy to get: one big tree consists of two logs I can sell and the tip of the tree I throw in the chipper.

What is actually the added value of the railroads? Except for selling crops in large quantities.
What’s the purpose of sending the trains? You sell your crops ( especially logs) twice?

Collecting the gold nuggets and then you get one million euro. Seriously? Maybe a gold coin pops up after plowing a field and then you get 1000 euro for it. 100 coins makes 100000 euro.

And of course… John Deere!

The trees would be buyable at the garden shop (like poplars) planted with the tree planter, planted in grass fields and on the side of the road They use a tree shaker and sweeper for front loader, telehandler, skid steer. put into a conveyor that pallets then like potatoes, then treated like pallets.

Cleaning your own seed would be cool. Save yourself some money by planting your own seed, maybe even make more money off of it as you can sell seed for more than regular crop. They would need a seed cleaner, maybe a seed treater.

I have some ideas that id like to see implemented. Id lie to see tire wear, with traction loss based on amount of wear. Possible? I dont know, but, just an interesting idea. Overall, I love 17. I barely touched 15. I played a lot of 13, thanks to Dural’s More Realistic Mod. Above all else, I would love to have Linux support for the game. Im not a fan of Microsloth, nor Rotten Fruit Company. I deal with them for the time being, but, I am slowly switching to Linux. Linux support in this game would be the icing on the cake.

And more

They need alot of things, but there taking baby steps, from what i watched, the console (Not sure about PC) but it runs better, everything is smooth, faster, the game engine looks Good in my eyes, i cant wait to do silaging, we dont have bubbles to run over, tip anywhere is oh so very useful, i can go on and on about fs17, but it’ll damn well worth the memory space on my PS4, when the game goes on sale. Dont get me started on livestock, cant wait to clean up there pens, feeding troughs, giving them water, the pigs are going to be a challenge, but i say challenge accepted.

Farming Simulator 19

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