Farming Simulator 19 Ideas – Chapter #2

Farming Simulator 19 Ideas – Chapter #2

Players suggestions for Farming Simulator 19

Dynamic terrain. Have slews or ponds in fields that get bigger when it rains and you have to ditch or drain tile to maximize your farmable acres. I would like to be able to cut down a forest, level and rip the land, and actually turn it into farmable acres. With that I might actually take up logging for more than 15 minutes.

Actual seasons would be cool. I would like to see 3 maps with release, at least 2 being brand new. I want an ai that can work 100% of every field without having to be babysat, preferably doing headlands rather than just driving over the road or ditch when turning around.

I would also like to see ai that can haul grain or drive machines from farm to field. I find the majority of my time on FS17 is spent trucking grain, seed, fertilizer, and driving machines from field to field, no time to actually operate equipment yourself if you want to make money.

I would like to expand on dynamic fuel usage, as of now harvesters burn very little fuel in the field.

I would like to see a fuel increase when the thresher is turned on, and a large increase when you are threshing crop, the sound is there, now just add in the realistic fuel usage.

The list could go on and on, but mostly I just hope they work out the bugs before release and come out with nicely finished game with a new engine.

I would like to see a multiplayer aspect where up to eight people can run upto four farms on one map.

I also would like to see more crops Eg: more root vegetables, grapes and orchards with specialised equipment

Possible more animals and the option to fence fields and to move animals from field to field. If not this, maps with two or more of each animal field. Eg have two cow shed and fields

I would like to see maps where you start with no builds only a farm house and silo and you have to place all additional buildings and building that the player could place shelves and other placeable objects in Eg refillable seed silos, fuel pumps and water tanks.

Dynamic and reactive terrain as well as much more variable weather surely has to be the next big leap forward for the game. Most of the rest of the game is already in place. It should really all be about adding more and more detail to the experience.

A build your own map feature would be interesting, on both consoles and PC. It would solve a lot of issues people have of not having the map and farm they want. I can see Giants doing this in the future.

Hmm… Some ideas for FS19 eh? Well, I hope for some these to happen:

1. Something really special for it’s 10th Anniversary. :coolnew: Like deluxe special packaging (a deluxe 10th packaging) just something other than a Standard Edition for us physical copy lovers. Something that is available in the U.S., whereas the Collector’s Edition is not available in the U.S., so it would be nice if GIANTS released a 10th Anniversary Edition and have it be released in the U.S.

2. Oats, rice, and maybe cotton. In addition to that, I would really like to see some cotton harvesters from Case IH.

Those two are biggest concerns/ideas that I would really love in FS19. 🙂 But for now, I think GIANTS needs to focus on FS17 first, getting that fixed for players.

What about these ideas for Farming Simulator 2019?

1. Realistic economy (real selling price + silo, storage costs)
2. Realistic yield (recreate units)
3. Realistic season and time
4. Realistic fertilizing
5. Soil/Crop sampling
6. Breakable equipment ex. hit a rock with a cultivator/plow take it to the shop to get it fixed
7. Poppable tires
8. Tow rope

Farming Simulator 19

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    They need to put multiplayer on the console. That would be so much fun

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