Factory v1.0.0.3 FS19

Factory v1.0.0.3 FS19

Cardboard Factory: Changed the spawn point of the pallets
The palettes themselves have been changed a bit
The display was revised again
Everything has been improved a little and coordinated

Potato Factory: Pallet spawn point has been changed
The palettes themselves have been changed a bit
Everything has been improved a little and coordinated
These have now also been added to the empty pallets trigger
Everything has been improved a little and coordinated

Pallet factory: This is a new production in the wooden pallet vegetable boxes (these will be used later)
and wood chips.

So now Factory 3 is finished as mentioned before, this time it is a pallet factory where empty pallets, vegetable boxes (these will be needed later) and wood chips are produced from logs. Again, give me feedback, I do it completely alone and can do something I think about seeing but that everything has now been revised again and a new factory has been added. Next comes the sunflower oil factory so that the potato factory can be supplied.
The new file must be unpacked and the two zip files from it then as usual in your mod directory
Next, an onnenblumenöl factory will be added, because later everything should interlock or on the map I created (Bokeloh in the Hanover region) but more on that later. First of all, all factories are built and then gradually built on.
What is important to me is that the factories created by me are not 100% top but I’m working on it. Sharing is allowed but please link to me because there is really heart and soul in it.

Potato Factory:
In this potato factory, potatoes are processed into 3 other products. These 3 products are premium potatoes, baked potatoes and french fries, and can later be sold at different locations / dealers. The acquisition costs for this building are € 175,000 and daily operating costs of € 500 are due. It should be noted in order to manage this production it is necessary to add other mods as empty pallets, cardboard and sunflower oil are required. For premium potatoes you only need potatoes and empty pallets. For the baked potato you need potatoes, empty pallets and cardboard. For french fries you need potatoes, empty pallets, cardboard boxes and sunflower oil.
All new FillTyps are re-registered and are also accepted at the respective sales outlets.

Capacity – 500,000
Price – 175000
Upkeep – 500

Carton factory:
In this cardboard factory, empty pallets and water are made from wood chips. These new products are cardboard, paper and cardboard. The acquisition costs amount to 550,000 € and daily operating costs of 1000 € are due. Here, too, all new products apply. Register at the respective sales outlets.
Capacity – 500,000
Price – 550,000
Maintenance – 1000

Pallet factory:
In this factory, empty pallets are made from logs, and vegetable boxes and wood chips are also produced here. Have a look yourself and as a little tip you need a bit of space. Everything as usual as in the other two factories of mine
Capacity – 625000
Price – 320,000
Maintenance – 1000

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