Europoolpallet with tension belts v1.0 FS19

Europoolpallet with tension belts v1.0 FS19

Because I had no desire to load each egg carton individually on the trailer, I was inspired by moep0710’s pallet mod for the LS17 and created an empty Europoolpallet. This is my first mod, I would be very happy about fair feedback and suggestions for improvement.

By the way: The easiest way to load the pallet is via the short side.

Inspiriert durch: moep0710

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15 Responses

  1. Rens Goudsblom says:

    can you also create a mod for empty boxes?

  2. Farmerbot says:

    That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. Thanks

  3. Blazingtorch01 says:

    put it in my mods folder and it doesnt show up in game

  4. Damian Jakubiec says:

    Hello, i have a problem, i cannot activate it on dedicated serwer. It shows information like this:
    “Uploaded mod file not supported. Only Farming Simulator 19 mods are supported.”
    Can u help me with this?

    • Big Hoss says:

      While it is unzipped enter the file highlight everything then zip it. It zips it to its own folder instead of putting a file inside the zip. The server can’t read it the way you are currently doing it.

  5. doudou says:

    ne ce trouve pas dans les mode ?

  6. Thomas says:

    Last time i tried to download it and placed it in my mod folder , it dident show up fix it!!

  7. BallisticChicken says:

    For those having an issue, it’s zipped incorrectly. Unzip the file and you get a folder then under that is the texture folder and the files. zip up the texture folder and the files so they are the root of a new zip file and put that into your mods folder and it will recognize it and load it.

    • impakt_7 says:

      I did the following steps but when i tried to add it to my server it said “file is corrupted”. Could it be this mod does not work on Multiplayer? any ideas?

  8. impakt_7 says:

    So i did the task posted by BallisticChicken and when i tried to load it up on my server said file was corrupted. Maybe this is not working with multiplayer??? anybody have any ideas?

  9. Jay says:

    lovely mate thanks for this i actually came onto this site to look for something to help without having to load the eggs onto the trailer an this will be the solution thanks mate an keep up the good work

  10. Eric B. says:

    I tried many things zipping unzipping with different file combinations but cant solve it. Anyone can please fix this, I earn money from eggs and it is becoming terrible to collect and sell them

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