Eureka Farms v1.2 FS19

Eureka Farms v1.2 FS19

Added multifruit.  Map now has carrot, onion, millet, sorghum and rye.

widened store entrances
fixed terrain issue on field 5 south side

Large field US based map with centrally located main farm!
Beta testing and review: KentuckianJD and GnG modding

Beta testing and review: KentuckianJD and GnG moddingCredits:AlexFstf_moddingkenny2801,DR Modding,Mod-CreatordondiegoDonPaul75t0xic0m / Converted by JBHacertcjwilksyDogfaceKastorewmoddingT-RexmoddingGiants and PM-ModdingHascoBig CCSA ModdingvFAITHvBernieSCS

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8 Responses

  1. Helmer64 says:

    super carte
    mais il n’y a pas de BGA

  2. Elstak says:

    Some troubles with courseplay, the programm freeze after 10 minutes…

  3. brian brisley says:

    why wont this map let me save anything

  4. brian brisley says:

    this is a nice map but it wont let me save my progress

  5. a says:


    1st off i love this map as it has big fields which i like and plenty of room on the farm,

    there is a problem with the worker on fields, when i set a worker with a plough it works fine, but if i set a worker for lime it does not work, i thought maybe it was a mod i was using, but i tried the base game spreader as well and still no joy, please have a look at this as i think this is a big problem

  6. Darin Pearson says:

    Love the map, how do you clean up the chickens though. Is there a hand shovel or something small enough to do the job.

  7. Merican farmer says:

    Can this map be made for console

  8. BigRoman says:

    Czemu nie można sprzedać mleka?

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