Ebsdorfer Heide v2.1 FS19

Ebsdorfer Heide v2.1 FS19

The Ebsdorfer Heide from the LS17 now for the LS19

Version 2.1.0
You have to be able to upload

Basically, the idea was to keep the original version or the charm of the card from the 17th. Due to new conditions such as additional fruits, the map had to be expanded by a few objects.
I have attached a PDF with all the information to you, which means unpack the download file and you will find the map in ZIP and a PDF.
Important !!! : Due to the massive renovation you have to start a new game.

The Ebsdorfer Heide V2 includes the following:
– Seasons Ready
– MaizPlus-Ready
– MaizPlusCCM extension
– HorseExtension-Ready
– ManureSystem-Ready (whereby the sales and purchase points are not supported by Manure for the current status)

On the map there are 3 different farms that you can operate plus a building area where you can be creative yourself.
– Cow farm with chicken coop
– Pig farming
– Sheep pasture
where the cowshed and pig breeding have to be mucked out themselves.

There are also several different points of sale
– Agravis
– Baywa
– horse breeding
– dairy and much more

I have also set up small parts for the foresters among you in order to generate additional income here

Map update:
In version 2, the version was subjected to a general overhaul, so to speak:
– Fixed bug from V1
– BGA completely rebuilt
– Additional sales outlets set up at Baywa and Agravis
– Shop enlarged
– Missions now playable
– 17 bushes eliminated
– New grass texture installed
– Newly built dirt roads and driveways
– Paint grass and bushes ingame
– complete visual overhaul of the card

Last but not least, I would like to tell you that the V1 of the Ebsdorfer Heide was my very first map or my first contact with the Giants Editor.
Thanks to the tireless support of many helping hands, we were able to realize the Ebsdorfer Heide project in LS19. Therefore, a big thank you goes to all helping hands.
Now there is only one thing left for me to say on my own behalf. The card took a lot of time and nerves, especially time that, as a father of a family, you could certainly have invested differently.
Therefore, I ask you and on behalf of all other mappers and modders, please appreciate the work behind it and be lenient if mistakes happen here and there.
Otherwise, in the end, we only have … Giants.
Thank you and have fun with the card.

Agi and Harry release the card HeniJimdrix aka. Talbach-Magger LehrmeisterSupport-Team: Merzi - Deko AnimalsIfKo (nator) - ScriptingtpTobi - Seasons InstallationDerMindener - Raiffeisen Gas StationSven - Birkenfeld-Magger - Warehouse Building AgravisMaizplus / HorseExtension / Textures: The-Alien-Paul & FarmingAgencyTest-Team: Dat_AlexLekia

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