Dondiego Map v1.4 FS19

Dondiego Map v1.4 FS19

Welcome to Dondiego Map, well known map from Ls15 and Ls17

This is a 4x Multifruit Map

There are 61 fields (from medium to large), two trains, large yard.
On the farm we have large stocks for all fruits (including seeds, lime and fertilizer)
Capacity of 2500000 L, additional storage for liquid fertilizer and
Plant protection products, slurry / digestate storage, workshop, refillable fuel station.
All buildings in the yard are placeable.
There are twelve outlets + BGA.
In the garden center we have two shopping centers with favorable prices for: seeds, fertilizers, lime, liquid fertilizers and pesticides. Also in the sugar factory is a shopping point for lime.

At the beginning we have a yard, two fields and a machine park.
In the Farm Manager modus yard we also own the property but we have to buy the property first

Next to Bahsilo 4 is a free space for future production buildings.
The map was tested in SP and MP.

V 1.0
only release

V 1.1
Trees are visible now

V 1.2
Four new fruits were added – spelled, rye, millet and poppy seeds.
Floating trees has been fixed.
Traffic spline has been corrected.
Double fruit names have been removed.
Unload everywhere does not currently work with new fruits.
All textures for new fruits are from ls 17 (it’s not good quality).

V 1.3
Loading point at the railway silo 3 has been increased.
The price overview shows all products again.
Farm silo has been traded.
In BGA you can now sell straw
Bale trigger in BGA has been adjusted
Added three new fruits-carrots, onions and alfalfa (as an alternative to grass)

Farmsilo exchanged for old silo again (problems with courseplay)
Rest as in v1.3

Lucerne was removed, it collides with the grass (changes the values ​​of the grass)
A new fruit has been added – triticale
New farm silo from version 1.3 has been fixed and will be added again.
The old farm silo is also available in the shop.
Carrots and onions were eliminated by the field missions.

There is no need to start a new game.

Recommended mods:
LSFM Universal Tank Pack
FS19 Carrot Onion Pack

This map can be offered on other forums, but only with the original link.
I wish you much fun

dondiego, Kastor, Blacky-BPG, El Cid,möchtegernbauer, atze1978

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14 Responses

  1. BlueJohnnyOnly says:

    I really love this map.
    Can the wash bay be moved next to the workshop for more room please.

    Did I mention that this is a great map

  2. Ben says:

    Did you not get what was said about your map? When we said there are no active sales points on it? You released a new version but didn’t fix that problem.

  3. Zach Jones says:

    Still doesn’t show any sell points other than the spinnery.

  4. Julieth says:

    Hola me podrías ayudar, no me aparecen puntos de venta, solo la fabrica de hilo.


    Sigue así, me encanta el mapa.

  5. bart says:

    maps not have sell points ….

  6. Titi says:

    salut , la carte est super mais y a qu’un seul point de vente qui fonctionne (filature) les autres ne sont plus ni sur l’écran site de point de vente ni sur la carte dommage

  7. Todd Bird says:

    Still not seeing any sell points. I love this map and want to set it up for a multi play server, but we need sell points. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

  8. Todd Bird says:

    Love the map and this would be great for putting together the multi player server I am working on setting up. (looking for the right map)

    However, I still can not see any selling points and the locations are not marked on the map. Crop selling prices are not showing on the chart.

    Any Suggestions? Do I need to download another MOD?

    Help Please.


  9. TheAngryGerman says:

    No Sell points other then the Spinnery on the map, good looking map though

  10. IPO9P says:

    WHEN YOU FIX POINT SALES?????????????????

  11. Mick says:

    Hello, this map is interstiing, but i just have one sell point (filature) on the board with the price for 100l, and no price is noted.
    There are 2 line of train, but no train available.
    I play at difficult 2, no batiment (except the animals park), no vehicle.
    I have 2 screenshot if you want, thanks.

  12. Reareose says:

    If you start game in Farm Manager mode the sale points do not work other then the spinnerie. Also the frouts are spelt “poppy rye millet triticale onion carrot spelt” not poppy seeds and alfalfa and drop the s from carrot and onion. other then that great map!

  13. Jason Lemke says:

    I found the fix for the sell points for this map. It’s a simple syntax error in the naming of the map directory.
    The fix:
    1. Place the file in a new folder.
    2. Unzip the file to the same location.
    3. Should now see the folder fs19_dondiegomap. Under it is all the map files. Now do a right click over the folder and click rename. Rename the folder to FS19_DondiegoMap. Yes the spelling is still the same but the upper/lower case is different. I noticed in the xml files that the script didn’t match the the directory listing. The files in FS are case sensitive.
    4. Now need to rezip the files. Make sure you are in the child folder below FS19_DondiegoMap. You should see the maps and scripts folder then ending with the modDes.xml. Now select all the files and do a right click and zip them back up. This will preserve the new folder name and also create a new zip file.
    5. Now move the zip file to the mods folder.
    6. Run FS19 and the sell points should show up.
    Note: I use 7-zip for unzipping and rezipping files.

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