Diniz Farms Map Enhancement Project v1.0.1.1 FS19

Diniz Farms Map Enhancement Project v1.0.1.1 FS19

Fixed straw bale triggers in animal pens

Fixed particle animations for tritcale and short season soybeans
Fixed short season soybean straw animation
Fixed cash crop farm grain leg steam
Fixed missing earlage product line from one of the Harvestores
Fixed the issue with feeding straight haylage with a mixer wagon
Fixed milk sell trigger at main farm
Added eggs and cotton sellpoint
Fixed silage corn visually reappearing in the distance after harvest.
Ear corn fixed.

After six months of working on this map on and off, I am proud to release my edit of Mercer County. This map has a major focus on small to medium scale dairy farming, with a plethora of new features to shift the game’s focus from cash crop to milk production. The original map was created by MRG Mapping, and is based on an area near Chickasaw, Ohio.

Seasons Ready(and highly recommended)
Built in GEO
Precision Farming Compatible(real life soil map)
New Silo Unloaders
New crops: Silage Corn, short season soybeans, Alfalfa, rye, and triticale
New corn harvesting techniques: Earlage and corn picking
New fillTypes: Cracked corn, bean meal, ground feed, short season soybeans, and CCM(used to simulate high moisture corn feed types)
Global Company fermenting silos and corn drying
Calves, and milk replacer
Autoload bale barns
More realistic TMR mixes
Automatic feeder bunk
New heifer pen
Corn and bean bales
Large round bales (grass bales are still small for Anderson DLC compatibility)

Original Map:
MRG Mapping: Original map, and a lot of advice
Nxtgen Mapping: Buildings on the original map
CBJ Midwest Modding: Buildings on the original map
Cwj108: Buildings on the original map
DRModding: Buildings on the original map
New 3D assets:
Western Iowa Modding & Edits: Ren mill, Harvestore Goliath Unloader, and silo shed 3D models
Elite Modding Quebec: UDIM Harvestore models
NEFG Modding, South Sask Modding&Mapping: Grain bins
Nxtgen Mapping, Appalaches Modding: Sleep triggers
RitteK_de: Conveyor belts(Kuhn Feeding pack)

New Gameplay assets(filltypes, crops, etc):
JS Mapping: Anhydrous fillType
RAND0Msparks: Cracked corn fillType
No Creek Farms: Seasonal decofoliage, alfalfa, bale textures
NEFG Modding: Corn and bean textures, Silage Corn icon
JMF Modding: Ear corn, and related assets, calves, ground feed
Michael McArthur: Beanmeal
Maize Plus Team: Maize Plus fillTypes, and scripts
Max Wild, T0biifarming, FNB Modding: Triticale
OxygenDavid: Rye
New Equipment:
Tired Iron Modding
: John Deere 300 corn picker, New Holland 353 grinder mixer(script by Derelky), 2 and 3 row snapper headers.
GTX: Autoload barns
Derelky: Grinder script
Visual and Gameplay Improvements:
Diniz Farms – Farming Simulator Modding: Earlage functionality, Seasons GEO, new silo systems, milk replacer system, GC fermenting scripts(based on the corn dryer script by JS Mapping), and various other visual and gameplay enhancements I may have forgotten.
JS Mapping: Corn dryer
Special thanks to Appalaches Modding for making the mods that inspired me to make this map, as well as to MRG Mapping, JS Mapping, and OS Farms Mapping and Modding for helping me with mapping related subjects.

And a huge thank you to Western Iowa Modding & Edits, anytime I felt unmotivated, he’d always have something new to add to the map so I wouldn’t have to focus on whatever I couldn’t figure out at that time.
Finally, without the advice and extensive knowledge of dairy farming from JMF Modding things like milk replacer would have never been considered, and a lot of the feed ration stuff wouldn’t be as detailed, he played a huge part in making this map realistic.

The following mods are REQUIRED for the map to work:
DFMEP Bale Barns
Global Company
Maize Plus
Maize Plus CCM Extension
Maize Plus Forage Extension


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