Courseplay v6.01.00084 FS19

Courseplay v6.01.00084 FS19

Changes and Fixes:
– workaround – Headland turn needs improvement when angle is less than 90
– AIDriver info text display refactoring
– a bale loader experiment
– When using return to start point AI continues in circle at first turn

New feature:

1.- Courseplay editor is able to export and import courses from splines and splines from courses. This feature can help mod makers to created splines and modify on the CP editor.

2.- Courseplay editor is able to modify customscan fields and save them, this will allow to edit the borders before creating the harvest course and be able to avoid possible obstacle, trees, hedges splines of the field, etc.. Remenber that CP editor runs at the same time with the game and is updating the courses a soon as you reload in the game.

3.- The system will export in different formats, depending of the needs and making corrections to adapt to to Maya, 3D max, blender or the GE editor to create roads, railways forest trees in conjunction with the placing object script in GE.

Would be nice to know from you all if this is a good feature and you see it useful.

And now in FS19


Once imported, the spline in GE

Courseplay Six v6.01.00063 Beta for Farming Simulator 2019

Courseplay is a modification for Farming Simulator 19. It allows you to have many different vehicles driving around autonomously and automatically, have them do field work, unload combines, drive fruit to selling points, fill a bunker or a trailer with a shovel, level and compact silage and much more…


Installing the released version:
Copy the archive file to your mods folder. That’s all, folks!

The mods folder is located at:
Windows (7 and above):
C:\Users\[USER NAME]\My Documents\MyGames\FarmingSimulator2019\mods

Mac OS X (Download/DVD/Steam-Version):
/Users/[USER NAME]/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2019

Mac OS X (X 10.7 and above):
/Users/[USER NAME]/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2019/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2019

How to download and install COURSEPLAY video:


  1. First be sure you have the latest patch: Farming Simulator 19 Update
  2. For the people that don’t get it to work. Unzip the .zip file and then zip the “FS19_CoursePlay6” folder and then move that to your mod folder.
  3. Disable or temporarily remove all mods from Farming Simulator 19 mods folder and try again.

Please comment bellow which steps helped you to run Courseplay. If you solved an issue in different way, please let us know in comment section!

Thomas Gärtner
Peter Vaiko
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18 Responses

  1. emerson says:

    My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_CoursePlay6/AIDriver.lua:261: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)
    2019-02-25 16:20 Error: Running LUA method ‘update’

  2. Arjan says:

    Ever since I tried to drive with 2 seeders on one field do the courseplay weird. The only thing that still works is from combine to silo driving.

  3. Innallas says:

    Mmmh look like they clearly didn’t implement my corrections….. not a surprise as they banned me from github (probably because i put more comment in my code & make better code than theses 2 guys). But well they suceed to pissed off the wrong person…. wait a bit , a version will appear able to work in multiplayer too.

  4. Innallas says:

    By they way i corrected some bugs but they removed comments and etc, they even didnt merged so my name do not appear into github reposirtory…… (the loadPlaces triggers into triggers.lua, its me who added them with a pull request on github, you can see the pull request as closed….but the code was added “on the flight” without the original author name…)

  5. Joe says:

    First of all thank for all of your hard work, Courseplay is fantastic (when it works for me)
    With the new updates when I start a course I get a yellow arrow and nothing else happens, I have no idea what the yellow arrow is pointing at or anything, I have been using Courseplay in FS19 for a couple of months now. Before this the only problems I really had were trucks not unloading at the unload point and trucks running into each other when unloading harvester’s, harvester’s stopping where a truck is parked when “stop when unloading is checked” when it should drive right by them.

  6. KozaQ says:

    It doesnt work with seedhawk and for this seeder from hatzenbichler i assume it doesnt work becouse it is 2 machines and seeder it own dont have a tank and i doesnt check this second seed trailer but mod is still very good

  7. Paulo RL says:

    Não tem jeito de funcionar no meu jogo!

  8. Markku Palviainen says:

    I Tried to have grass driven From field to bunker to be fermented into silage route doesn’t work even i did it whit youtube tutorial… my Tractor just frozes into place and does nothing when loading wagon get to full…. any helps`

  9. Bruid3 says:

    I think course play will be really useful when it is finished and appreciate the effort put into it.
    For me it worked at first and then after reloading my Game the Farm to shop loop I set up on Felsbrunn seemed to just stop working. The tractor and Bredal spreader that was successfully following the coarse the previous game session failed to start the course. I tried to tab to another vehicle and then found I couldn’t tab back or use most of my game control input from key board Wheel and side panel.
    I had a successful Silo to sales point run set up which carted 300000l of sugar beat in the earlier session.
    The issues seemed to occur after I ran the Field boundary finder for a large filed I had made from three others, though I cant say if that was the actual reason it is unstable./
    In some cases the game has to be closed down in windows task manager.

  10. W.Wiese says:

    ab v6.01.00060 werden die Kurse nicht mehr korrekt im Coursedrawer angezeigt!? Es ist nur eine gerade linie zu sehen! Warum ist das so? Danke für eine Antwort!

  11. W.Wiese says:

    from v6.01.00060, the courses are no longer displayed correctly in Coursedrawer !? It is only a straight line to see! Why is that? Thanks for an answer!

  12. W.Wiese says:

    I always edit my courses with the Coursedrawer. Since the v6.01.00063 the courses are there but only displayed as a line! Why is that? Thanks for an answer!

  13. Joe says:

    I had a yellow arrow when I started a courseplay route, I got rid of it by uninstalling FS19, but now I am not getting paid for my crops when I unload them. I unload at the back at railroad silo north on Ravenport.

  14. simke says:

    gays course play work,but update game and go

  15. John says:

    i have a version 6-01-0031104 but the link to this one says it is the latest.. The version numbers going backwords?

  16. John says:

    where exactly can you find the latest version updated for courseplay?

  17. Anders Hermansen says:

    I have followed all the steps and it still dont appear in the game. Can anyone help me.

  18. Just Joe says:

    I am assuming that you are referring to CoursePlay not showing up in the game. There were several steps to getting it to work, but recently the only thing you should have to do is copy the zip file to your mods folder, then activate it on the mods screen after selecting the saved game you want to load, assuming you are loading a saved game. I would however recommend getting CoursePlay from GitHub, there you will find the most recent version.

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