Composttea v1.3 FS19

Composttea v1.3 FS19

This mod adds composttea to every map.

+ Pallet unloading added (Global Company required)

1. Please make sure that not too many fill types are registered on a map, otherwise conflicts may arise.
2. You cannot make a composttea yourself with this mod. The description of the production process only serves to clarify what composttea is. This modification contains several objects to trade in composttea.

What is composttea?
Composttea is compost dissolved in water, which is mixed together with some minerals and sugar beet syrup (i.e. glucose). During production, the composttea is kept in motion and mixed with oxygen. This stimulates the multiplication of the microorganisms in the enclosed compost. This process takes several hours until the desired number of microorganisms in the compost tea is reached.

Then the composttea can be brought to the fields as fertilizer with a field sprayer. It also protects the leaves of the plants against various pests and can also be called biological plant protection. In the game the spraying of the composttea is only used for fertilization.

+ You can import it, use it with the fieldsprayers to fertilize the fields, or just sell it again.
+ All points of sale that accept wheat, barley and canola also accept Composttea.
+ The package also includes placeable objects that guarantee more income than the classic map outlets.
+ All trailers for herbicides and liquid fertilizer and fieldsprayers are automatically equipped with composttea. This also applies to mods, provided that they have been assigned the correct filltype category.

Included objects:
1. Composttea (disposable pallet)
Price: 250
Capacity: 2000 l

The tank pallet is available from agricultural machinery dealers. The hoses for field sprayers from the manure system can also be used on it.

2. Composttea Profi (returnable pallet)
Price: 500
Capacity: 2000 l

The tank pallet is available from agricultural machinery dealers. The hoses for field sprayers from the manure system can also be used on it.

3. Composttea Import (placeable object in the category Miscellaneous)
Price: 8500
You can buy composttea here.

4. Composttea Storage (placeable object in the category Miscellaneous)
Price: 8500
Capacity: 21000 l
You can store composttea here.

5. Composttea Export (placeable object in the category Miscellaneous)
Price: 8500
Here you can sell composttea.

6. Composttea (invisible placeable object in the Silos category)
IMPORTANT: Once placed, the object can no longer be sold.
Price: 20000
Capacity: 100000 l

This is an extension for your farm silos. This object can be placed anywhere near a storage. There is no change on the ground and no collisions.

Required Mods:
HS 10.5 Tank Trailers (By: TF 2020 MODS)
Kuhn Interactive Sprayers (By: TF 2020 MODS)
Hardi Interactive Sprayers (By: TF 2020 MODS)
AI Fertilizer Extension (By: TF 2020 MODS)

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