CloverCreek plus12crops v1.0.0.3 FS19

CloverCreek plus12crops v1.0.0.3 FS19

In places where there were farms all buildings were liquidated. Now you decide what to build and where to build.
There are nine places at different prices and sizes.
12 new crops have been added to the map, including clover, from which you can make silage or harvest for seed.
Map typical for cow breeders and plant production.
The plans are to make all placeable farms with a basic map.
Link. to the help file for this map. This file contains modifications that support this map and agricultural crops.All of them modification can be found on the pages with mods.

We start at the entrance to the motel, the car has broken down, is in the workshop near the dairy.
On an easy level we have three large cultivated fields, but no plot of land for the construction of the farm.
You sold everything in the big city to start a farmer’s life, you always dreamt about it.You are also the owner of many new agricultural machines that you bought before you arrived in Clover Creek.
By selling one farmland, you can start your adventure in the countryside without debt. So good luck on the new road.

In the second difficulty mode we have no cultivated pots and building plot, but we have all the starter machines and 1,200,000 cash.
It’s up to you how you use it.

– Fixed the animation of hops and tobacco collection.
– Removed objects from cultivated fields.
– Twelve new crops.
– Lack of buildings in places where the farms were located.
– We create farms in person.
– The land was prepared for the construction of new farms.
There are still errors in the log, which does not interfere with good fun.

Unfortunately, in the southeastern part of the map, in the very corner there are temporary freezes in vehicles. I don’t know why, I can’t fix it.
Textures of new crops I found on the web, I think some are to be improved.
Buildings and farms can be imported from previous versions if someone wants to do so.

author>Kastor_GerConverting and all changes on the map.By_Yazu

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14 Responses

  1. Ernest says:

    I needed such a map.I will decide myself where and what I will build.

  2. JRCHALECOS says:

    Faltan puntos de venta del la producción

  3. MADMAX says:

    how do i harvest onions?

  4. Jamie says:

    Hi how can I contact the modder please

  5. max says:

    game is closing after load it was fine til morning

  6. Jay says:

    I love the map and love your added crops but the map stutters! It’s not cause by any mods because I disabled them all and the stuttering continues.

  7. paul hill says:

    Hi, I love the map!
    How do I get the 1st map with all the farms set up, with the farms land purchasable and the latest version?

    The new version is great, I just want it with all the farms set up.


  8. Some farmer says:

    AnimalHud and VehicleInspector mods stopped working with this map. The mods don’t give errors but cannot display any menus in game. This map also has some funny errors/warnings in log.

  9. Tim says:

    Coursplay don´t work. When i creat a route, the vehicle won´t start driving this route. Does anybody knows why?

  10. Challenger says:

    I love this map. Its one of my favs.
    However there is issues with stuttering and FPS drops.
    I am on a high end computer so I thought this might be of some useful info to you.
    I have been using vanilla equipment only as well.
    I also noticed that there are floaters over some of the added crops.I think its some kind of graphical issue with the new crops.
    I do hope you wont have to drop new crops as they are my fav part about this map.
    If there is any other info I can provide to help fine tune this map I will do what can to help.
    Really cool map!

  11. Jaken says:

    Straw, hay, woodship and manure on ground have grass texture is there a fix or something ? i’ve only loaded the map to see if there was a conflict between mod but it seems like even if i only load a new game without mods i still have the same problems. tell me if i’m wrong or if you guys have a fix for that thanks and by the way i love the map its great!!!

  12. Ray says:

    I download the mod, I put it into my mods folder but it wont show up in game this needs fixing

  13. David Weyman says:

    This is by far my favorite map for FS19. Thank you for your hard work! If you’re doing an update at some point, could I request that you add the paint tile with growable grass please?

  14. matrixpaul says:

    please update this for seasons

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