Check Point Gate v1.0.0.0 FS19

Check Point Gate v1.0.0.0 FS19

The CheckPoint Gate
This was made from scratch with a few models borrowed from maps.
The blast gate opens and out swings the animated turret! Listen close to the sounds!
Window opens inside the shack and many weapons to move around!
Cage outback with a working gate so you can lock up bad guys!
Lights come on at night!

it also comes with;
A placeable wall that works best on flat ground
A placeable Concrete hedra (tank Barrier) You can move it around with muscle mod.
Movable sang bags as well!



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21 Responses

  1. Geoff Thomson says:

    this is absolutely sick and should not be in a game like this

  2. dixiemay366 says:

    Standby for a battle map

  3. andreia vieira pinheiro says:


  4. jiras says:

    strc si toto do sve kapsy

  5. FarmerFred says:

    Wtf????? It’s a farming game ffs, there’s enough sh*te mods floating around. Do one and take your cr*p to call of duty or GTA. MORON 🖕

  6. Glawowow says:

    Buy border patrol simulator 19 now! Only 29.99.

  7. brian brisley says:

    why wont map let me save it for some reason

  8. Kevin30 says:

    Wtf dude please make this mods for war simulator or so this is a freaking farming game giants needs to step in and ban you and others making war mods!!!

  9. Curtis Seears says:

    How do you down load fs 1o on ipad

  10. LA Chicken Farmer says:

    I agree with Geoff. This is a symbol of oppression and tyranny. IT DOES NOT BELONG IN A FARMING SIMULATOR GAME. In my opinion the only “people” who like this are Nazis, Terrorists, and Trump. The site should remove it.

  11. Kief says:

    this mod is for those of us who enjoy the business sim side of the game more than the farm sim side. I enjoy both haha

  12. Aaron Wicker says:

    Can I put these mods on xbox one and how do I do it ?

  13. Blackthumb says:

    Oh yeah, just a mod about farming and agriculture….. Oh wait, no it’s not, it’s made by some script kiddie who doesn’t have any imagination beyond death and destruction and realises that some (in fact a LOT of players of FS) do so for the ‘calming’ effect.

    So yeah, I agree, this shouldn’t be here, but the ‘owners’ of the site are only interested in how big their download base is (because they think it will make their appendage look bigger) and also have no idea about FS and agriculture. Then again shouldn’t really expect that much more for ‘kiddie’ owners/admins.

  14. Farm Sim user says:

    I don’t geyt ur problem “Geoff Thomson”. If u don’t like it, don’t download it and whine about it!

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