CanFarm Map v2.1.0.0 FS19

CanFarm Map v2.1.0.0 FS19

CanFarm is the result of an idea that started for me back in FS13 with the Kazakhstan Map. Harvesting the enormous field that took up most of the terrain kindled my love for flatlands farming, and after some time researching, I discovered other concepts more common in Canadian farming applications that peaked my interest as well (grain augers, pickup headers, and swathers).

CanFarm’s goal was to showcase the beauty of central Canadian farming (from the Alberta foothills east to Manitoba). The map isn’t specific to any one location in Canada, but the small town feel, wooden grain elevators, and highway system are definitely reminiscent of many places in this region.

On this map, you won’t find any pre-established grain storage facilities, farm sheds, or animal zones. Instead, the map is fully designed to maximize the use of GIANTS’ new in-game landscaping tool and the abundance of placeable objects available in the default game and for public download on the official Modhub and beyond. The map itself is on a 4x dem.

The main contributors to the map’s design and functionality are listed in the credits. A special thanks also to the many FS modders and gamers who assisted in the testing of the map at various stages.

SeriousMods, Dale3887, FS ScreenShots, Silverrookie, Bulletbill

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10 Responses

  1. Shaun Sparks says:

    Love the map it’s awesome just one thing would make the map for me is if you could add move crop types

  2. Shaun Sparks says:

    The trigger to the workshop doesn’t work

  3. Dwight says:

    I love this map!
    Is there a way to add sellpoins to the excising grain elevators?
    Im a newbie at this so any advice would be great

    • MJ says:

      Just get the mod that adds a sell point. Search “sale point” and plenty of “compact” or small sale points exist that you can add to your farm without buying large buildings. There are some cool large ones like the milk factory though that are pretty big 🙂

  4. Aaint says:

    i cant play multiplayer on it?

  5. MJ says:

    My favorite map from now on. I love everything about it. Good job and thank you.

  6. Patrick says:

    Hello, AMAZING MAP! Love it.

    I would like to make some suggestions to better it:

    Its almost impossible to backup grass or hay bales trailers between the van 2 trailers. Its is just a miserable pain to unload it. Also, I can only sell half of my trailer of bale as the unload zone is too small. Please just make a drive thru zone.

    2- Train tracks over pavement are too high. when driving at high speed, sometimes, my trucks just jumps in the air or totally lose control. Makes it impossible to use Autodrive mod on them.

    3- Maybe add more selling points?

    4- Add an actual train if possible?

    Otherwise, I will spend many many more hours playing this map! Thank again for taking the time to create it. Reminds me of when I lived in Manitoba.


  7. hinrichs says:

    Ich finde die map auch klasse

    Kann dem aber nur zustimmen das die Gleise bei der Kreuzung zu den beiden verkaufstellen zu hoch sind auch bei geringer Geschwindigkeit springt der Anhänger. Dann kann Mann bei der Louie…verkaufstellen den 60m3 Anhänger nicht benutzen um den abladen zu können muss man auf die Gleise fahren . Die Straßen werden nicht auf der Karte angezeigt fast nur die Gleise… Und ich finde die zeune sind überflüssig um den feld rand haben sowieso keine Funktion und bei feld 5 meint ich wird eine Insel angezeigt auf der Karte, aber auf dem Feld ist die nicht vorhanden… sonst ist es eine sehr gute Karte genau auf So was habe ich gewartet ..wären da nicht die minimalen Fehler

  8. Poncho says:

    Well done, eh? Great map that really feels like ALB and/or SASK rural areas. When a map has the character and ‘feel’ of a real live location, and initial items with the map feel minor. Definitely makes for a contender in the large Multiplayer map forum – look forward to future versions and enhancements!

  9. Michael says:

    Looks like a really promising map, but… where are the sell points?

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