BigFields Map v4.0 FS19

BigFields Map v4.0 FS19

FS19 BigFields map for Farming Simulator 19 game, pc version only.

V4 changelog
– add airport (multi sellstation)
– new field corners
– new pda map

V3 changelog
– storeplace repair
– roads
– design repair
– add sellStations

4 big field
-1. 170.7 ha
-2. 69.4 ha
-3. 18.6 ha
-4. 69.4 ha

work BGA
– diesel
– air
– def
– capacity 1000000000
– fillType all++
– free
– fillType all++
– Mill
– Port


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12 Responses

  1. uraz says:

    …..nice map but I have problem with animal farm. it is imposible to put on this map…..can u fix it?

  2. Krooked says:

    I dont know If I have a issue or its a mod issue but when i load the map its works all fine when I save and reload the game the map is all gone and messed up?

  3. std says:

    cant place anything on the map except animal farms

  4. нанр says:

    а как ее скачать

  5. Kel says:

    I started having issues with the farm silo. At first it was working well, I could go a put grain/fruit with no issues. Now when I go to dump grain/fruit, it tells me that the particular grain/fruit I am trying to put in the farm silo is not accepted. It will not let me remove any of the grain/fruit that I had already placed in the farm silo as well. I have maybe put 3 truckloads of grain/fruit in the farm silo.

  6. Kyle says:

    Also having problems with placables. Any solutions?

  7. David Wendorf says:

    As others have said, can’t place anything on the map. The only thing I could place was the farmhouse. Nice concept, but worthless to me without Silos and Animals.

  8. Bob Senec says:

    This map is unplayable. As someone said before, the grain silo has worked at the start but as soon as I placed something on the map, it stopped working. Impossible to load or unload from it.

  9. Eric Reitzel says:

    Loved the map and concept. Would like to further customize and add different sell-points and storage silos. They either can’t be placed or do not work when placed.

  10. Mitchell Strobel says:

    Good map ideas but so many issues all that were stated above….I had the same ones:/

  11. Tom Robson says:

    how do i download this map

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