Bettingen Map v1.0.2 FS19

Bettingen Map v1.0.2 FS19

Here I would like to introduce you my first FS19 map. It is not a conversion, but a new building!

Version 1.0.2
– Patch 1.2 fix
– Splines Fix

4th places for yards
3 points of sale for cereals / silage
1 sawmill
1 woodchips verkverk.
1 dairy
1 shop
1 weaving mill
about 32 fields plus a few meadows to buy
2-3 woods
1 BGA (unfortunately not running 100% in the Dedi, should go to the patch 1.2 …) There are 6 places at the BGA to buy, so everyone can place a silo and the BGA Optimal use.

The map was tested on a Dedi server. Everything is going well, except the problem with the BGA, so I have registered at 2 outlets selling silage, so you can still sell silage.
Updates follow
Kind regards
your TuneWar

PS. Thanks a lot to Miacat, Sven, Micha, Andi for testing the map


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10 Responses

  1. jamal says:

    dont work ! chek link v1.0.0.0

  2. Oscar Raul Cuartero Gonzalez says:

    don´t work with 1.2

  3. westholger says:

    leider immer noch defekt weil ist einzigste karte wo man grafik runterstelln muss auf medium und das ist kein fehler von giants sondern vom modder.weil alle anderen gehen ja auf ultra und der trigger geht immer noch nicht bei der bga weil der modder in nicht eingebaut hat.war so begeistert von der map aber so vergrault er alle spieler von uns weil sie nicht auf ultra spieln können und dürfen.und der modder sagt immer liegt an giant.

  4. robert read says:

    Hi there i have downloaded the map and when i play it and go to get in to truck or tractor i stay stuck where ever i am on the map and it shows the speedo in the corner and when i drive forward i can hear the tractor running but then if i change the camera to inside view it works but as soon as i move it out to outside view it like fezzes then if you change view again and then i works what could this be

  5. Metal says:

    Once i buy any vehicles i get stuck. Unless i sell the vehicles i can move around the map. Patch 1.2.1.

  6. Metal says:

    I am without words tbh. This is one THE most beatiful map i have ever seen.

  7. Airka says:

    Lorsque je monte dans un véhicule, depuis la MAJ de FS19, la carte est bug..

  8. Airka says:

    Ne fonctionne pas depuis la mise à jour de FS19… freeze & bug lorsqu’on entre dans un véhicule .. comme sur l’ancienne version

  9. Reareose says:

    I have had the vehicle loading issue on many maps taht have come out but not been ready for the 1.2 patch push. This sounds like a great map please post when you have it ready for 1.2 Thank you

  10. gil froidebise says:

    ne fonctionne pas avec version 1.2 tout se fige vérifier avant de poster

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