ALSSACH Map v1.0 FS19

ALSSACH Map v1.0 FS19

Alssach is a place that consists of eleven districts and stretches. All locations are fictitious and do not refer to real locations.

Welcome to Alssach (normal)

Alssach is a place that consists of eleven districts and stretches. Your aunt and uncle lived there for a long time and had a small “contracting company”, which means that they carried out transport tasks with their small tractor and performed wage services with the machines of the local farmers for a fee. Now they are old and have retired.

You now have three options to settle in Alssach. The second variant is called AlssachHart)

Option 1 (download Alssach as normal, unzip the file and put the zip files in your mods folder)

You start at the community and get the keys of the old LPG that you bought, or rather what is left of it. So you have a roof over your head, a few machines that may need maintenance and a large overgrown plot, and depending on the difficulty level you choose start-up capital. Is this your way or are you looking for a challenge, then take the other version?

To the card:
50 fields and meadows (9)
11 locations
4 pet dealers
17 points of sale
2 biogas plants
15 industry / building plots
20 water points spread over the map
Buy seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for 50% less than in the shop directly at the factory
4 forest areas
Pay attention to the speed cameras, they are just being announced in the villages. You pay a fine of 200 euros per kilometer too much, but only if you are more than 5 kilometers faster than allowed

Places and what is there:

Your aunt’s and uncle’s house (important depending on how you play)
the vehicle dealer
the Krebacher mill (sales) with dispute
the butcher (sell animals)
an industrial site (which you can buy and sell the building on)
Water tapping point
Nearby a building plot (which you can buy) and Knoll (sale)
Likewise consumption (important for transport missions)
New Alsen

BGA Alssach (generating electricity and heat, sales)
Port (sales) with giant box at the entrance
Weaving (sale)
Baker (sales)
Dairy (sale)
Carpentry (selling wood)
Economy market (important for transport missions)
Water tapping point
Building plot (which you can purchase)

Manure and slurry (sale)
Sheep dealer
Gas station (nearby)
Water tapping point
Building plot (which you can purchase)
Seed and fertilizer factory (nearby)
Under Alsen

Brewery (sale)
Südzucker (sales)
two possible courtyards, on one there are two industrial buildings, which you can sell after purchasing the property
Water tapping point

Diner (sale)
Horse dealer (nearby)
Scheune heating plant (sale of wood chips)
BGA barns (generating electricity and heat, sales)
an industrial site (which you can buy and sell the building on)

Grain trade (sale)
Sawmill (wood sales)
Water tapping point
an industrial site near the sawmill (which you can buy and sell the building on)
Minol petrol station (nearby)

BDE (sales)
Water tapping point

Agricultural trade (selling straw, grass, hay, silage)
Village shop (selling eggs, among other things)

Wood chips (sale of wood chips)
Cow dealer
Water tapping point
Building plot (which you can purchase)

Main courtyard LPG
Pig dealer
Water tapping point

Community (starting point at AlssachHart)
two industrial plots / building plots (which you can buy and sell the building on)
Now have fun with the map.

LG Papaheart

My thanks go to all modders for your numerous objects and features, without you I would not be able to create maps, thanks. Among others, which I cannot name, I have installed objects from the following modders wanngernbauer DDR_Lagerhalle DDR single-family house EW58 Kartoffelhof Deere6800 Small BioGas plant ls2011 Coolman1966 phone booth with billets guardrails LS15 Trekkerbodo Zuckerfabrik2013 JauchenPaule oldBoatHouse PowerPeter008, haselhorst Forest animals and players74 DerRobi66 Minol2017 tn47 Blitzerscriptls19 RoaderSIMModding V2 Deco vehicle package from wanngernbauer Fleischer 2015 and Bäcker2015, plattenweg2013, Giants Basis, all Ls17, Ls19 and devin grain trade ls13 tempel-modding brewery ls13 AndiScania objects for decoration from the Bantikow LS 15/17 and the Schönebeck ls15 Redkeinstus objects for decoration from the BalticSea LS17 SMOKstoner objects for decoration from the hall / Tornau 1982 LS1 9 -> In the maps I can not say exactly from which map I may have taken what, since I have looked at all of them in the GE112Tec CheviBelAir 2013 LWS Terminator vehicles from small shopping center 2013 thenevsova36 Wartburg P353W, Skoda 100/110 if you can't find it here, but you can find it on the map please report, I will add it. I would like to thank you especially for this card Chaosfamily from, who was able to help me with the fact that my industrial buildings can only become the property and be sold after the purchase of the respective property. And Players11 from, who explained to me how to use the PDA pictures of the water points.

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