1970 Ford F250 v1.0 FS19

1970 Ford F250 v1.0 FS19

1970 Ford F250 Highboy original FS17 truck made by Shane Mueller so credits to him for an amazing truck. I converted the body and modified alot to it, so it looked and worked as it looks.

Mod details:
working attachment like 5th wheel and lower hitch
working belts
3 sets of wheel
color changeable (still working with new textures so will be updated with new textures)

Credit to all original modders of part or scripts used.Especially our mod team The Expendables!Also credit toBack Street Boys Modding for frame and semi hitch.Js CustomsDerek Champlin For the Great mods and help Shane Mueller For allowing to use the body of his f250 build to be converted modified and fixed to work on FS19by Rodrigo Ramirez

Special Thanks to Derek Champlin and the EXPANDABLES MODDING for the help the inspiration and everything they have done so i can keep putting mods out there.

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5 Responses

  1. renogaza says:

    beautiful model, though the AR and sniper rifle took me by surprise when i looked back to go on reverse 1st person, personally i’d like to just have the sniper rifle or a double barreled shotgun tucked beside the passenger seat so i can see how i’m reversing into a trailer.. anyway i’d like to recommend some improvements, firstly the blinkers on the roof of the cab clips through to the cabin, if the clipping cant be fixed then at least upholster the ceiling of the cabin to hide it, secondly like with almost every car in the modding scene please get rid of the accursed xenon superbrights, it f***ing hurts my eyes and is very inappropriate for a car this old, thirdly i would much appreciate it if you can at least have a backlight on the dashboard so i can see the gauges at night, a working speedometer would also be great. the dash indicators are in the wrong position and look very FS17 with its animation. the radio is very low poly and doesnt display even a placeholder radio station or even a frequency, the leather of the seats look plastic, and the center rear view mirror does not work at all. and the tailgate is not animated at all. i was really hoping this would be a great go to car for my old school playthrough but it is a bit disappointing tbh.

  2. renogiza says:

    oh and apparently its an unlicensed vehicle, no number plating to speak of.

  3. NICK says:

    The bed has a problem where pallet,bags Etc fall through floor of the bed

  4. Isaiah Masceranas says:

    I have a PS4 it is a really great truck and do i have to pay for it and if I do how much

  5. Rick says:

    How can I get this on my Ps4?

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